Staff and volunteers DYNAMO Circus Festival 2019 Photo by Cosmin Cirstea


At DYNAMO we have a dedication to support our local community as well as volunteer initiatives. We do so by opening our doors and making our space available, as well collaborate with other cultural institutions in Odense for special events.

In addition, we are members of Fuldt Hus, a programme which aims to connect more people with cultural life in Denmark, as well as support our community by offering group discounts and a number of free tickets to special target groups: seniors, children, international residents.

The Circus Playground

The Circus Playground is a volunteer initiative whose members use our space to train. The Playground offers Open Training every Monday, as well a series of events and workshops to their members. Together with the Circus Playground, we started the Key Artist project, which gives local artists the possibility to book our space and train several times a week. Read more:

Cirkus Bøf

Cirkus BØF is a new association hosted by DYNAMO in Odense.  An initiative of Daniel Walsh, father of three, Cirkus BØF is a place where children and fathers can spend quality time with each other and experiment with circus. Here fathers and their children can create new relationships and talk about everything in the world – life as fathers with all the joys, challenges and opportunities.  Cirkus BØF offers a series of workshops facilitated by professional artists with a collective performance in June. Read more about the project, the workshop dates and how to join on the website:

The Circus Gorilla Brigade

The Circus Gorilla Brigade is DYNAMO’s group of volunteers. Members of the brigade have been volunteering in DYNAMO throughout the years, especially for DYNAMO Circus Festivals. We aim to offer our volunteers a space to meet other people, be social, and enjoy their time and we are happy to see new, lasting friendships forming every year. Our volunteers receive free tickets to selected performance throughout the year, as well as other perks. To become a volunteer, contact us at

Odense Fotoklub

We support the local amateur photography club by welcoming photographers to our events and performances. This is part of our mission to support the development of photography for circus in Denmark and Odense. Read more about the collaboration:

Odeology Odense

ODEOLOGY is a concept for techno and visual art. Each event has a curated line-up of artists as well as custom created visual art by Odense-based artists. The events provide safe spaces where inclusion is key, and expression encouraged. DYNAMO has been host for two Odeology events. Read more: