DYNAMO Magazine

This first issue of DYNAMO MAGAZINE aims to take the pulse of where in its evolution circus is today (particularly in Denmark), through articles, essays, poems, and interviews selected to offer a glimpse into the abundance of creativity and diversity of expression; the range and depth of talent – an immaterial backstage of circus, occupied by thoughts, emotions, memories, and visions. 

This issue looks at four main elements that, at one point or another, might prevail in the work of the contributors: genre, body, object, and balance. Some engage with the GENRE itself and recognise its indefinable qualities; others turn towards the BODY, lending their own to the process of exploring themes and topics relevant to us all; some embrace the OBJECT as the grounding element in their being and thinking in circus; while others use BALANCE as a driving philosophy for creating. 

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Cover photo: Khazu performing in New York, USA. Photo by Einar Kling Odencrants