GDPR – privacy policy

When you sign up for the DYNAMO newsletter, purchase tickets or apply for a job, internship, co-production or residency, we will record the personal information that you provide us with in each case. We use this information in different ways, depending on the situation for the recording of the personal information. This may be to enable future communication, for example, by signing up for our newsletter, or to ensure that we can help you in case of doubt, for example when purchasing tickets. And finally, we can use them for statistical purposes.

The information is stored and processed by our data processor and can only be accessed by specific employees at DYNAMO. DYNAMO is committed to securely and confidentially storing and processing your data. If we store your personal information, you have the right at any time to have disclosed what information we store and process about you, as well as how we do this, and finally at any time to have deleted any personal information that we have recorded about you.

You are always welcome to contact us at info@dynamoworkspace.dk if you would like more information about our processing of your personal information or our privacy policy in general.