Sisus Sirkus in DYNAMO Residency. Photo by Cosmin Cirstea

For artists

Our mission at DYNAMO is to create sustainable conditions for artists, offer space, creative and production support to individual artists and companies within contemporary circus or physical stage arts, and promote the artform of contemporary circus in Denmark and the Nordic Region. With residencies, workshops, masterclasses and co-productions, we aim to contribute to the infrastructure of contemporary circus in Denmark, as well as offer new opportunities to artists.


Every year, we welcome around 10 companies and artists in residency, for a stay that can be anything between 3 days and 1 month long.

The residency stay in DYNAMO is an exploration process, there is no requirement for an end product to be created. The residency typically ends with an open viewing/sharing for interested audiences as well as other artists and people working in the field of circus and performing arts.


Our open calls have specific focus, thematic, and target, yet we invite broad interpretations and forms of engagement with the presented theme.

The residencies take place every Spring and Autumn, with an average length of one month; we cover an artist fee, travel and accommodation expenses.In addition to specific calls, we’re always open to new and innovative ideas, not related to the open call theme – you can produce your full performance at DYNAMO or just develop ideas during a residency.


In addition to residencies with specific themes and target groups, we are always open to new and innovative ideas and projects – you can produce your full performance at DYNAMO or just develop ideas during a residency.

You can always write and tell us about your need for the residency, or ideas for collaborations to

Artist in residence