DYNAMO was started from the ground up by two cultural entrepreneurs and DO-IT-YOURSELF artists. Circus performers Gry Lambertsen and Rune Vadstrøm Andersen were based in Copenhagen with many years of touring and performances in their luggage, with a burning need for production facilities and a stage space for circus in Denmark.

An open stage, an artistic free space and a place with high ceilings… literally.

In 2017, they got the opportunity in Odense and opened DYNAMO – stage & workspace for circus and physical performing arts. The house is an older grain warehouse, raw and beautiful and placed in Odense Harbor with a view to the water, where the neighbors include industrial halls, newly built apartments and a rich outdoor life with a playground, skate park, and mini golf.

The house now contains seven permanent employees with varying types of employment and countless freelancers, including technicians, artists and enthusiasts. We survive support from the Statens Kunstfond, Odense Municipality and a handful of smaller foundations, to which we apply year-round to ensure that we have a vibrant and diverse new circus environment in Denmark. We have between 15-20 national and international circus companies in residency per year!

DYNAMO regularly hosts guest performances, our own productions, artist in residencies, artist talks and the special event DYNAMO AFTER DARK, where we invite you to talk, deepen and reflect, workshops, masterclasses and training facilities for professional circus performers.

Every Monday there is open training run by the local organisation The Circus Playground and four times a year we hold OPEN STAGE, where emerging artists can test themselves and their ideas and professional stage artists can also try out material in front of an engaged audience. A fantastic, chaotic jumble and look into performing arts at all levels of skill.

We also hold the DYNAMO CIRCUS FESTIVAL, a 4-day celebration of contemporary circus, which every two years takes over the entire Byens Ø with stages, circus tents and good atmosphere. The next time is 14.-17. June 2023.

If you want to get to know DYNAMO and contemporary circus better, you can buy a DYNAMO card, which gives you free access to (almost) all of the season’s experiences.

We hope to see you!

What is contemporary circus, by the way, and what can it do

Contemporay circus is remarkable in that the genre consists of well-known circus disciplines, which are presented in a dramatic or theatrical setting, where the artists use the high technical skills of traditional circus to tell a story, instill an emotion or focus on a subject.
With this combination of the well-known circus disciplines and the dramatic setting, the genre simultaneously pleases, moves, inspires, challenges, and educates. These are stories told with the body as an expression channel. In this way, contemporary circus is both for those who want “contemporary” and those who want “circus.”
Contemporay circus fascinates by exploring the eternal balance between life and death. The fascination of this balance lies so deep in all people that this genre has the ability to break down barriers between age, gender and social background and build a bridge between the popular and the more elitist performing arts.


Mobility: all seating spaces (including audience seating) in DYNAMO are accessible for wheelchairs, canes, crutches or other mobility aids. No prior booking is needed for access with a wheelchair or mobility aids.
Access with service animals (animals trained to perform a specific service or set of services for differently abled people) is allowed.
Our chairs do not have arm-rests, and extra soft pillows can be provided, for comfort.

Access with a care/health companion: Medical/care companions have free access, but a free ticket must be booked. If you have a DYNAMO Card, order an additional DYNAMO Card ticket, or write to us at ticket@dynamoworkspace.dk

Facilities: toilet accessible with a wheelchair and fitted for differently abled individuals; changing table. Our toilets are neutral/not gender specific.

Sensory accessibility: Follow our program pages for information on specific performances, for details regarding sensory friendly performances, or contact us at info@dynamoworkspace.dk

The team

Gry Lambertsen

Artistic leader & director

Ida Nørgaard


Rune Vadstrøm Andersen

Co founder & artistic development

Elena Stanciu




Eva Vaseem


Britt Ottesen

Cultural Squid

Cosmin Cirstea


Palle Notlev

Sound technician

Kenneth Danielsen

Light Designer

Mads Find

Graphic designer & contractor

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