The DYNAMO card 24/25

We open the doors to DYNAMO again on the 1st of August and already the first week we have three exciting program items for you!
As something completely new, we are also launching a “partner” card, ie. for 600 DKK you have the opportunity to bring a companion to all performances free of charge.

The DYNAMO card is two things:

We pick – you pay!
Get to know the genre as we present, with more than 20 years of experience from under the skin of modern circus, contemporary classics and new unmanageable companies. We choose for you so you can relax and be provoked by what we think is worth the provocation. In other words, the DYNAMO card is an admission ticket to the circus that we approve of!

We grow – with your support!
It is a way for you to support your local contemporary circus house in our quest to become an international hub for contemporary circus – right here in Odense, in the middle of Denmark, as a service to the international community as well as the growing national community.

The DYNAMO card has no restrictions and simply applies to everything in the period up to July 2020. There are work in progress showings, full shows and performances, concerts and other cultural events that we host in collaboration with other cultural actors, and of course our own productions – if it’s in the program, it’s included in the card! In seson 24/25 there is a separate entrance fee for ODEOLOGY.

In return for this delicious freedom and fine selection of unpredictable experiences, we ask you to accept that we cannot always tell you exactly what is contained in the program of the season. – It happens that we say yes to beautiful, ingenious and amazingly crazy performances and events throughout the year and sometimes that happens on short notice.

You can stay updated in our program which expands with new wild contemporary circus delights that you didn’t know you needed.

The DYNAMO card is a short story for those who love mixed tots. And it is for you who believe that contemporary circus doesn’t exist in Denmark. It’s for you who like to be challenged. For those of you that get inspiration from seeing what the body can do. For those of you who love confetti and sparkly things, and for you who thrive in the company of the hammering, well-meaning circus.

If you have any questions regarding the DYNAMO card, access to performances, prices and terms, or anything else, you are always welcome to contact us at: