Sustainability Strategy

At DYNAMO we strive to design and plan our work with a focus on sustainability. We are currently in the process of formulating a green strategy for our activity, which looks at all dimensions of our work: our building and how we run as a theatre, with respect to use of resources and international activity, in the broader concern for climate action; our team of steady staff and freelancers, for whom we aim to be a sustainable and healthy work environment; and for our community, as we strive for more social responsibility, by supporting students and jobseekers with internships, as well as welcome volunteer associations and individuals to collaborate with us on various projects. 

At DYNAMO we respect the 17 Sustainability Goals, established as collective goals to reduce inequality, poverty and climate change effects before 2030. We find inspiration in the goals, and we have identified some goals for our strategy, which are in line with the FN strategy. The following overarching goals refer to DYNAMO as a workplace in a very specific sector, as well as for society in general, both from physical and human well-being perspectives.

A greener day-to-day

We eat lunches and dinners prepared in our kitchen, thus reducing use of single packaging. All our prepared food is vegan, after recipes created to make use of local products, and avoid food waste. We promote local and responsible consumption and production, eco, swan- and green-labelled purchasing for our housekeeping and catering products, and invest in human resources dedicated to preparing food. 

Our technical department is a crucial part of our strategy for more energy-efficient operations. For the past years, we have been reusing lights and equipment that was donated to us by bigger theatre. We are currently directing resources to do fundraising and sourcing light and sound equipment that is energy-saving.

Recycling, reusing materials, and upcycling is in our DNA as a theatre and creative house. Both as an aesthetic and as a principle for how we relate to objects, scenography, costumes, and props, we keep, transform, and reuse most of the things we have.

Image: An upcycling project in DYNAMO – the metal foot for this lamp used to be a support for a mop bucket we no longer needed. Our crafty space custodian transformed it and it now lives in our quirky foyer. Also pictured – chairs that were donated to us by Odense Theater, which are now serving to make our café and foyer a cosy place for the audience.

Greener travel 

We promote and aim to introduce greener travel models both for audience who come to see our performances (eg. cheaper tickets / climate-ticket if they arrive to the theater in a CO2-reducing way) and for our visiting artists and residents, as well as consider more sustainable models for our own performances on tour, co-productions and collaborative projects.  

As Odense is a very walkable city, we keep avaialble free bikes for our guests and residents over a longer period of time, as well as host our residents in an artist apartment, which is within walking distance from DYNAMO.

Work environment 

As an employer in a dynamic and demanding sector, we strive to offer good working conditions for our staff, freelancers, and collaborators. We are working to introduce wellbeing programmes for our staff, to reduce overworking and workplace-related stress. We have a focus on organisational development, up-qualifying and training our staff, as well as designing more effective work-flows, safety training, and team communication. 

We have a commitment to support our community and act towards more social responsibility, which is why we assign resources to support local volunteer associations, offer internships, and maintain a volunteer corps for our activities and festival. 

We have recently received a grant from Nordea Fonden, to cover costs for energy use optimisation of our technical equipment. The grant will be used to purchase new lamps and support equipment.

More info and contact

If you want to hear more about how we work with sustainability, or have wish to collaborate with us, do not hesistate to contact our project responsible for sustainabilty implementation Elena Stanciu at

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