• Dynamo presents
7. May 2021 - 23. May 2021

Acting for Climate


BARK is a poetic, spectacular and thought provoking contemporary circus performance for a forest, an audience, and...
Contemporary Circus
14. May 2021 - 15. May 2021

Uppercut Danseteater (DK)


Light-headed jumping joy Three physical dancers and a giant air mattress. A match made in heaven, leading to play,...
  • At Dynamo
19. May 2021 - 21. May 2021

Gunilla Lind Danseteater

Sorry Not Sorry

Premiere for new dance performance Take up space. Make noise! Lift yourself up and strech yourself out! SORRY NOT...
  • Work in progress – Præsentation
29. May 2021

The ANTI-ISM Project

In collaboration with the cultural institution Katapult (Berlin), DYNAMO invites a circus company or an artist to explore...
Contemporary Circus
  • Dynamo presents
11. June 2021

Michael Zandl, Kolja Huneck & David Eisele

Sawdust Symphony

Why is it so satisfying to hit a nail in wood, and what does it feel like for the hammer? Sawdust Symphony is about the...
Magie Nouvelle Object manipulation Contemporary Circus
  • At Dynamo
18. June 2021


OPEN STAGE is an informal free space where performing artists can try out their ideas for the audience. The performers are...