• Dynamo guest performance
29. February 2020 - 3. March 2020


Human in Balance

Europe is at a critical juncture. At breaking point - some believe. Its borders are challenged, and its dream of...
Dance Contemporary Circus
  • Dynamo guest performance
3. March 2020 - 5. March 2020

Rapid Eye

The Moon Illusion

A stuffed duck and 70 juggling rings is all they need. With a subtle sense for each other’s presence, the two jugglers...
Object manipulation Contemporary Circus
  • Dynamo guest performance
9. March 2020 - 11. March 2020

Gunilla Lind Danseteater


Slimmer, fairer, tighter, stronger. The play ‘Vanity of Modern Panic – V.O.M.P.’ holds up a mirror against the...
Dance Contemporary Circus
  • Dynamo guest performance
15. March 2020


Fritt Fram

What does the world look like when I am upside down? Can I bee too old to play? What do I do when I'm not allowed to be a...
  • Dynamo guest performance
2. April 2020 - 3. April 2020

Trygve Wakenshaw & Barnie Duncan

Mad Office

In the simple sales office of the furniture store Rucks Leather Interiors, Mr. Grareth Krubb (Wakenshaw) and Mr. Dennis...
Slapstick Contemporary Circus
  • Dynamo guest performance
4. April 2020

Circus By Me

Det får bära eller brista

An acrobatic performance telling the story of women’s strength The research has its focus on Nordic women’s physical...
Contemporary Circus Theater
14. May 2020

Mira Ravald & Luis Sartori do Vale


DYNAMO presents physical poetry Hermann Rorschach's famous Ink Blot Test is thought-provoking and ingenious. By...
Object manipulation Contemporary Circus Theater
  • Dynamo guest performance
15. May 2020

Luis & Pedro Sartori do Vale


Rivalry and Archery Inspired by ancient tales, performance art and personal experiences, brothers Luis and Pedro Sartori...