• Work in progress – Præsentation
27. October 2022

Half In (SE)


Work in progress. O U T explores, and invites the audience to discover, the infinite possibilities of buckets. On the...
  • Dynamo guest performance
31. October 2022 - 1. November 2022

Asterions Hus

Moon - A weightless cabaret

A poetic and musical moonlanding What if you could land on the moon with a sailing ship and sail from the Sea of Silence...
  • Work in progress – Præsentation
13. November 2022

Joren De Cooman, Thalia Pigier, Nicolas Fraiseau, Natko Stipanicev

Circus without circus

WORK IN PROGRESS Experience the result of an exciting, international research project at DYNAMO. Circus artists and...
Contemporary Circus
  • Dynamo guest performance
17. November 2022 - 19. November 2022

Circus By Me

Det får bära eller brista

ACROBATIC CIRCUS COLLECTIVE With stoic calm and poetic raw power, six female acrobats rise and fall across the stage to...
Contemporary Circus
  • Dynamo guest performance
17. November 2022 - 18. November 2022

Granhøj Dans

Stone - face - book

ROCK-HEAVY FANTASY ON STAGE A performance about a man and his attachment to stone. Granhøj Dans always uses its own...
  • Dynamo presents
22. November 2022 - 23. November 2022



New boundary-pushing performance for children and young people with humor, seriousness and neckbreaking acrobatics “If...
Contemporary Circus
25. November 2022

Michelle Gurevich

Concert with Michelle Gurevich

Canadian Michelle Gurevich guests DYNAMO Michelle Gurevich's sixth album, Ecstasy in the Shadow of Ecstasy, from 2020,...
  • Dynamo guest performance
1. December 2022 - 3. December 2022

Nycirkuskompagniet Cikaros

The Balance

A MODERN TAKE ON THE ESSENCE OF BALANCE The Balance is a whimsical balance laboratory where poetic circus illusions...
Contemporary Circus
  • Work in progress – Præsentation
8. December 2022

Simone Wierød x Standard Practice

Axial figures

WORK IN PROGRESS Axial Figures is a collaboration between choreographer Simone Wierød and Hugh Diamond from the...
9. December 2022

Concert with Chelsea Carmichael

Chelsea Carmichael grew up in Warrington, England, with her parents who were both dancers on the northern jazz and funk...
  • Dynamo presents
10. December 2022


Be the first to spot new talent OPEN STAGE is an informal, free-space where performing artists can try out their ideas...
Contemporary Circus
  • Work in progress – Præsentation
20. December 2022

Out of Balanz

Going nowhere

WORK IN PROGRESS GOING NOWHERE is a new, experimental and humorous new circus performance along the way. In GOING...
Contemporary Circus
21. December 2022

Flock (UK)

Concert with Flock

Five leading musicians from London's jazz and experimental scene Flock met at The Fish Factory in London in the summer of...