• Dynamo presents
31. January 2020 - 2. February 2020

Kallo Collective


 - Boldly progressing backwards Pendulum is two aristocrats’ cavalcade of self-reinforcing idiocracies and a...
Object manipulation Slapstick Contemporary Circus
22. February 2020

Duo Sabok


Sabotage is a story about self-discovery and acceptance. Following the life of a genderless character who goes on a journey...
  • Dynamo guest performance
29. February 2020 - 3. March 2020


Human in Balance

Europe is at a critical juncture. At breaking point - some believe. Its borders are challenged, and its dream of...
Dance Contemporary Circus
  • Dynamo guest performance
3. March 2020 - 5. March 2020

Rapid Eye

The Moon Illusion

A stuffed duck and 70 juggling rings is all they need. With a subtle sense for each other’s presence, the two jugglers...
Object manipulation Contemporary Circus
  • Dynamo guest performance
9. March 2020 - 11. March 2020

Gunilla Lind Danseteater


Slimmer, fairer, tighter, stronger. The play ‘Vanity of Modern Panic – V.O.M.P.’ holds up a mirror against the...
Dance Contemporary Circus
15. March 2020


Fritt Fram

What does the world look like when I am upside down? Can I bee too old to play? What do I do when I'm not allowed to be a...
  • Dynamo guest performance
2. April 2020 - 3. April 2020

Trygve Wakenshaw & Barnie Duncan

Mad Office

In the simple sales office of the furniture store Rucks Leather Interiors, Mr. Grareth Krubb (Wakenshaw) and Mr. Dennis...