13. April 2024 - 14. April 2024

Below Zero (S/NL)


Performance for the entire family, about having each other's back - even in the heights. RAAF means raven in Dutch. The...
Contemporary Circus
15. April 2024 - 16. April 2024

Julienne Doko (F/DK)

W.O.M.B (Worth of my body)

A tribute to the life-giving female body. What does it mean to become a mother? W.O.M.B illuminates the pain, the...
19. April 2024 - 20. April 2024

Michael Zandl | David Eisele | Kolja Huneck (DE / AT )

Sawdust Symphony

Circular saws, hammers and wood shavings fly through the air Why is hammering nails in wood so satisfying, and how does...
Contemporary Circus
3. May 2024

Open Stage vol. 11

Join the behind-the-scenes of creativity! OPEN STAGE is an informal free space where professional stage artists and new...
Open Stage
3. June 2024 - 4. June 2024

Don Gnu (DK)


The match we've all been waiting for! The two tennis gurus DON McEnroe and Björn GNU face each other once again in a...
7. June 2024 - 8. June 2024


Ø Fest - Island party!

Come to Ø FEST!!! Join us in a celebrating of the harbour, culture and the community together with the neighbours,...
13. June 2024

Grensgeval & Circus Katoen (BE/NL/CR)


A work in progress presentation. Do you have too many balls in the air? Small white balls fill the scene. They...
Contemporary Circus
15. June 2024 - 16. June 2024

Kanta Company (FI/LT)

Dear pressure

Life is a circus! Using humor and circus, everyday pressures and the personal challenges we face are explored.On stage,...
Contemporary Circus
  • Work in progress – Præsentation
29. June 2024

Kanta Company (FI)

Gandras / Stork

Work in progress Gandras is Lithuanian for stork.The stork, with its elegant yet raw appearance, is always moving...
Contemporary Circus
29. June 2025

Kanta Company / Kestas Matusevicius (LI)


Work in progress. Prelude - a show with a beginning that never ends. The main character is "the actor Liudas", who...