• Dynamo guest performance
6. March 2021 - 7. March 2021

Rapid Eye (DK/SE)


On all the holes in the whole world Holes are frightening and holes are fascinating. Holes represent possibilities and...
Contemporary Circus
  • Dynamo guest performance
19. March 2021 - 20. March 2021

Circus By Me (SE/NO)

Det får bära eller brista

Acrobatic circus collective With stoic calmness and physical strength, six female acrobats lift, fall and move across...
Contemporary Circus
  • Dynamo guest performance
23. March 2021

Alexander Vantournhout - Not Standing (NL)

Red Haired Men

Wonderfully weird Are they beautiful or insane? Do they live by logic, or do they exist in pure absurdity? A mass of...
Dance Contemporary Circus
  • Dynamo presents
9. April 2021

DYNAMO & Den Røvsmalle Biograf (DK)


DYNAMO presents a cinematic experience beyond anything you’ve seen before, in collaboration with Den Røvsmalle...
  • Dynamo presents
16. April 2021 - 17. April 2021

Cie HMG (FR)


Out of thin air 0 can be both a starting point and a point of completion. Between these two extremities: an existence,...
Contemporary Circus
  • Dynamo guest performance
17. April 2021 - 19. April 2021



Nerve wrecking every-day-stunts You’ll never cross the street in the same way again!  DON GNU digs into the...
Dance Slapstick Theater
  • Dynamo guest performance
26. April 2021 - 27. April 2021


A living time capsule In a space of 20 m2, the world’s entire history takes place over a span of 8 billion years...
  • Dynamo guest performance
29. April 2021

GLiMT og Sputnik & Wild Wonders (DK/SE)


Circus concert for the whole family CameliOrquestra is a show where anything can happen, where the musicians literally...
Concert Contemporary Circus
  • Dynamo guest performance
6. May 2021

Company Portmanteau / WHS (FR)


A poetic meeting To the deep tones of a double bass, two performers move around the stage. One is a dancer, the other is...
Dance Contemporary Circus Theater
  • Dynamo guest performance
7. May 2021

Luis & Pedro Sartori Do Vale (BR/FI)


Archery and brotherhood Luis and Pedro are brothers. In addition to their genetic origins, they share a passion for...
Contemporary Circus
  • Dynamo guest performance
9. May 2021 - 10. May 2021

Company Portmanteau / WHS (BR/FI)

Piste, piste, piste

A playful dance with light “One day a kid planted three little dots. And they grew into lines…” Welcome to an...
Contemporary Circus
14. May 2021 - 15. May 2021

Uppercut Danseteater (DK)


Light-headed jumping joy Three physical dancers and a giant air mattress. A match made in heaven, leading to play,...
  • Work in progress – Præsentation
29. May 2021

The ANTI-ISM Project

In collaboration with the cultural institution Katapult (Berlin), DYNAMO invites a circus company or an artist to explore...