For schools

Here we have collected some practical information that targets school visits. Is there any information you are missing? Then write to us at, and we will get the answer to your questions right away.

Contemporary circus (nycirkus in Danish) consists of traditional circus disciplines, which are presented in a dramatic or theatrical setting. The combination of the well-known circus disciplines and the dramatic framework (story, emotions, themes, sound, light, etc.) results in performances that please, move, inspire, challenge and educate at the same time. These are stories told with the body as primary form of expression. In this way, new circus is both for those who want “contemporary” and those who want “circus”.

Prices vary depending on the performance. Most performances presented by DYNAMO have a ticket price of DKK 40 for children/young people under 25. It is possible to contact us for group prices if the target group falls outside this category. When we present performances in collaboration with Nørregaards Teatre, it is usually at a ticket price of DKK 45.

DYNAMO is located at Finlandkaj 6 on Byens Ø. It is possible to make a stop in front of the main entrance to the building, where a school bus can easily let a group of students out. It is also possible to park around the corner at Finlandkaj 14, where Apcoa offers parking. The first 3 hours are free.

It’s about 10 minutes’ walk from Odense Station to DYNAMO.

DYNAMO has a bar that sells cold drinks – including water and soft drinks, as well as beer, wine and drinks – and popcorn! As a school, you are welcome to enjoy brought food and drink in our Tivoli-gade, where there is enough seating for everyone.

DYNAMO has both a strong team of professional artists attached to the house, as well as studio space for the display of circus disciplines. You are always welcome to contact us about the possibility of purchasing additional physical workshops for all target groups. The cast of a performance also often attends artist talks or Q&A sessions, so please inquire about this when purchasing performance tickets. Last but not least, we are also happy to give tours of our beautiful warehouse, which contains 1,300 sqm of pure circus joy.

Contact to make an agreement.