Foto: Karoline Aamås

Karoline Aamås

The Pregnant Rope Climber

Gender, strength and virtuosity explored with the pregnant body.

In The Pregnant Rope Climber, Karoline Aamås explores the female aerialist body during her 7th month of pregnancy. Blending artistic and technical research, Karoline will investigate how cultural ideas of gender, strength and virtuosity are constructed, and how they connect with physicality, embodiment and lived bodily experience. 
More about the artist and this project – here.

AGE from 14 years old
DURATION 60 min. incl. artist talk
TICKET Free or pay for your ticket and support DYNAMO.

Flm and photos by Love Aamås Kjellsson

This work in progress presentation is part of DYNAMO’s annual thematic residency – the Autumn 2023 edition has the theme Circus and Message: Social and Political Issues in Circus Creation. The residency received funding from The Nordic Culture Point – Funding for Artist Residencies.

Supported by

Odense Municipality Danish arts council Nordic Culture Point - Funding for Artist Residencies