Foto: Karoline Aamås

Karoline Aamås (NO/SE)


In this residency, Karoline Aamås works on the project The Pregnant Rope Climber, to explore the female aerialist body during her 7th month of pregnancy. Blending artistic and technical research, Karoline will investigate how cultural ideas of gender, strength and virtuosity are constructed, and how they connect with physicality, embodiment and lived bodily experience. 

A work in progress presentation of The Pregnant Rope Climber takes place on 25th October kl. 20.00 – more info and tickets here.

Film and photos by Love Aamås Kjellsson


Karoline is a rope and hair-hanging artist educated from AFUK in Copenhagen and DOCH in Sweden, and member of the circus collective Ent. Her work is motivated by an interest in the coexistence and self-understanding of the human species in the difference between the wild and domesticated, animals and people, care, protection and abuse.

This is a solo project, and the artist collaborated with photographer Love Aamås Kjellsson to expand the artistic expression in her research.  

The residency is supported by Nordic Culture Point – Funding for Artists Residencies, Odense Kommune, and Statens Kunstfond.

I residency på Dynamo fra 2. Oct. 2023 til 27. Oct. 2023