Piti Peta Hoffen Show

From one of the most absurd corners of France, DYNAMO is pleased to present Cie LPM!

Three nationalities, three jugglers, three objects. 45 minutes full of humor, madness and secret techniques, never before seen by a human audience!
Three characters live in an absurd universe dominated by contradictory logics, where comedy reigns and juggling is the mother tongue.

The Piti Peta Hofen Show is a mix of three completely different and personal styles, presented through theatre, improvisation and a fascination with objects of all kinds. The team behind this particular performance say themselves that the show is adaptable to any imaginable place and in the worst possible conditions, such as rain, storm or volcanoes erupting. – It is not for us to say why this is important information, but you will understand when you yourself experience this crazy performance.

The show is based on extreme poetry. A writing style and dramaturgy in which improvisation and representation are mixed with a dimension of creative chaos.

Are you listening? … It’s the heart of the planet Earth beating to the rhythm of PITI PETA HOFEN!

The performance was created in 2017 after the three artists graduated from the ‘Center des Arts du Cirque de Toulouse – Le Lido’. The show premiered at Festival Circumnavigando (IT). Since then, the show has received praise from audiences of all ages and types, both young and old, families or loners, animals or religious people, but above all unemployed artists.

Reviews and quotes

“The most notable of the performances presented was Compagnie LPM’s” Piti Peta Hofen “; so astoundingly creative and so ruthlessly high-energy – described by many as “a 45-minute manic rush” – that the audience couldn’t help but release a minute-long ovation right in the middle of the show “

Richard Hartnell – Review European Juggling Convention 2017

Duration: 45min

Supported by

Odense Municipality Danish arts council