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Boldly progressing backwards

Pendulum is two aristocrats’ cavalcade of self-reinforcing idiocracies and a peculiar fascination with everything that sways, cradles or swings.

Well-equipped with pocket watches, monocles and promising ingenuity that had previously led their peers to ground-breaking discoveries, two noblemen set out on a journey of inexplicable importance. In the familiar surroundings of upper-class comfort not even stupidity stands in the way of these two and their ingenious discoveries.

Slowly, it dawns on them however, that not everything is as it once was, for what is Nobility without riches, servants and reason?

DURATION 50 min.
AGE 8 years and up

Adult pre-sale: 120 kr.
Adult at the door: 200 kr.
Retired, poor, students and youth u/25: 80 kr.
Children u/15: 40 kr

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“Pendulum, by the circus artists Thom Monckton and Luis Sartori do Vale is a playful flash for the greats of silent and physical comedy Buster Keaton, Jacques Tat and Freddie Frinton. The performance is a tribute to the greats of silent and physical comedy Buster Keaton, Jacques Tati and Freddie Frinton, familiar to many as the master of ceremonies of Miss Sophie, who every new year celebrates her 90th anniversary in the sketch Dinner for One. (…) In Pendulum, the stage is a playground and a game field. Instead of circus props, the momentum is taken from a rocking chair, a rocking horse, a rocking camera, and a rocking table. (…) The imaginative performance is my cup of tea, sugared with humour.” – Review of Pendulum, after the show in Oulu, Finland 2021 by Eeva Kauppinen

Horror film esthetics and eternal restlessness

All the things that constantly move back and forth is the essence of restlessness! Yet, we find in these motions an intrinsic comforting, as if they remind us of an experience before consciousness.

The performance aims to combine the explosiveness and action of circus with the human physical response to gentle constant movement.

Behind this physical comedy Pendulum are Thom Monckton and Luis Sartori do Vale.

About Thom Monckton:

[Monckton] “whose Only Bones featured at LIMF2017, [is] one of today’s most accomplished and inventive physical comedians. – (London Mime Festival)

★★★★★ “Monckton’s ability to manipulate the smallest parts of the body, not just to do this expertly well but while establishing a playful relationship with the audience, is mind-blowing” – (Across The Arts)

About Luis Sartori do Vale:

[With Luis] “We find ourselves at the crossroad of circus and visual arts and it’s just beautiful for the eyes.” – Branchés Culture

[Luis Sartori do Vale delivers] “A real scenic language that calls for the elegance of the gesture.” – ledauphine.com

Supported by

Danish arts council Odense Municipality Nordic-Baltic mobility programme