Below Zero


Below Zero presents Korus – a work in progress production.

Korus is the Swedish word for choir or“collective voice”which is also the theme of the piece. In selected parts of the play the artists challenge the idea of what coming together truly means.
Through hand to hand acrobatics, tight wire walking and teeterboard they explore the question of circus and cooperation: cooperation between people but also cooperation with nature.

In Korus we meet four artists unaware of what is happening in the outside world and the chaos that is closing in.

It is a universe where communication is done through movement, balance, strength and acrobatics, but what happens to that universe when the outside world can no longer be ignored?

The music is composed by Mischa Grind and is inspired by traditional folk music as well as the urbane techno scene.

This combination creates a magical musical atmosphere for the audience to
enjoy but also reflect upon.

Below Zero was founded in 2018 and is a Swedish circus company performing modern and innovative circus arts performances. Their artistic expression revolves around the creation of warmth and human contact – inspired by the cold weather of Sweden.

Korus is their second production.

The performance is free, so book your ticket.

Supported by

Odense Municipality Danish arts council