Uppercut Danseteater


We jump – for our life and for joy and from all which weighs us down. We jump because we dare, because we have to, because we can’t help it. Not knowing if we land on our feet or fall on our ass. We jump into life with the child’s jumping joy and bubbling curiosity. Slowly, play becomes competition, and competition for life’s gravity. And at some point we fall. Alone and together. In ecstasy and exhaustion. And maybe we’ll slow down and jump. Again…

JUMP is a concept of acting, jumping, falling, stumbling and of getting up and finding your foothold. An urban tale of catching, creating and letting go of the rhythm. With the leap as a premise, we must stay and wait, or carry our mistakes to such an extent that we may eventually end up successful.


Uppercut Dance Theater’s artistic director and choreographer Stephanie Thomasen and acclaimed Israeli choreographer Ofir Yudilevitch, get rid of the JUMP stage floor and challenge gravity on a specially designed Air Floor. From here, the performance is lifted into entirely new heights – choreographically, visually and technically. Always with risk as a basic condition. For every leap there is the possibility of a fall.

Supported by

Odense Municipality Danish arts council