Uppercut Danseteater (DK)


Light-headed jumping joy

Three physical dancers and a giant air mattress. A match made in heaven, leading to play, rhythm and dangerous stunts.

They jump for life and for joy and from all that weighs on us. They jump because they dare to, because they have to, because they can’t help it. Not knowing if they land on their feet or fall on their ass. They jump into life with the bouncing joy and bubbling curiosity of a child.

Gradually, play becomes competition, and competition becomes life’s constant sense of gravity. And at some point, they fall. Alone and together. In ecstasy and exhaustion. And maybe they’ll set off and jump. Again…

JUMP is a performance about jumping, falling, stumbling and about getting up and finding a foothold. An urban tale about capturing, creating and releasing rhythm.


Uppercut Dance Theater (founded 1985) is a professional dance company known for its unique fusion of breakdance and contemporary dance. From their base in Dansekapellet (Copenhagen NV), the company tours both in Denmark and abroad.

In Jump, Uppercut Dance Theatre’s artistic director and choreographer Stephanie Thomasen and the acclaimed Israeli choreographer Ofir Yudilevitch challenges gravity on a specially designed Air Floor.

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Photo: Bahadir Berber

Supported by

Odense Municipality Danish arts council