Circus By Me

Det får bära eller brista

An acrobatic performance telling the story of women’s strength

The research has its focus on Nordic women’s physical tasks during the last hundred years. It originates from interviews with the artists mothers, grandmothers, and great grand mothers. 

In Det får bära eller brista six female acrobats work together as three duo pairs, as two trio groups, and as an acrobatic collective.

They all have approximately twenty years of experience as circus performers.

Det får bära eller brista is a beautiful, physical and impressive portrayal of the woman as the bearing figure in life. The show caters to audiences of all ages, but we recommended that smaller children come in the company of adults.

Nordic folkmusic

The music is based on the Nordic countries’ folk music and tradition. New compositions are inspired by traditional folk music from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

The two musicians, the multi-instrumentalists Anna Cederquist and Anna Rynefors, illustrate and reinforce the performance with varied, warm, suggestive, happy, heavy and curvy modern folk music.

Supported by

Danish arts council Odense Municipality