Byrumsballade: Contemporary Circus

Odense Architecture Festival runs from April 6th – April 14th, and DYNAMO Workspace is of course represented, with the performance Byrumsballade! 

Over the course of 2 nights, DYNAMO Workspace takes over a designated area in the center of Odense, and with the performance we see the architecture through the artists eyes.

For the last 20 yers we have created works where people fly, jumps, climbs, balances and throws themselves from great hights. It has influenced the way we see the city as well as architecture in general. When we look at a building, it is with eyes scouting for scenic possibilities: Can an orchestra be placed on the roof? Is it high enough for swinging trapezes? Can the construction carry the weight of a person? How do you illuminate the building in such a way that a performance space is created?

Decay, poor use of square footage in regards to ceilinged rooms, crooked angles and levels, and industry standing vacant and ineffective. What is by many considered ugly and unprofittable, for us opens up a world of possibilities to create universes of performing arts!

The performance is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation

Supported by

Danish arts council