On Friday the 23rd of October you have the opportunity to experience a concert with the critically acclaimed dub-jazz duo Bremer/McCoy. 

The duo, consisting of pianist Morten McCoy and bassist Jonathan Bremer, have achieved great acclaim, both within Danish borders and abroad. The duo’s fourth and latest album ‘Utopia’ was released in cooperation with the American label ‘LUAKA BOP’ – founded by Talking Heads front man David Byrnes. 

The duo has been nominated for the prestigious critics’ award ‘Steppeulven’ more than once, among other in the categories ‘Musician of the year’ and ‘Composer of the year’. They have performed sold out concerts all over the country at venues such as Momentum Musik, Copenhagen Jazzhouse and Bremen Theatre in Copenhagen.

When asked about their musical universe, the duo says: 
“We are living in a time with a lot of noise and a lot of distractions. It can be difficult to find a sacred space, where you can immerse yourself and be alone with yourself. We are trying to create music that can guide the listeners to this sacred space. The overall ambition is to contribute to something that connects people. We have received some overwhelming experiences through music, and we are hoping that our listeners will do the same”

The concert is presented as a cooperation between Momentum Musik and Dynamo Workspace and is held at Dynamos premises by Odense harbour.   

NOTE: As this is speciel event, unfortunately there is no free admission for with Dynamocard. However, there are a limited number of tickets where discounts are given to card holders.  

For the safety of our audience we’ve introduced a few new guidelines to make sure that everyone who visits Dynamo, feel safe and are free to enjoy their visit. 

When you are going to an event at Dyamo, whether it be a show or anything else, you are to wear a face mask whenever you are standing. When you are sitting down for a show, or for a drink in the bar, you are free to remove your face mask. 

If it happens that you’ve forgotten a face mask, you can buy one in the door. 

We have made extra space between the seats, so we can be safe together, and we clean everything several times a day. 

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.  

Supported by

Danish arts council Odense Municipality