Out of Balanz

Before we disappear

There are 100 seconds to midnight.

In 2020, the doomsday clock – a symbol of scientific concerns about humanity’s extinction – was set closer to midnight than ever. How do we contemplate the future in such a moment?

What choices do we inherit and how do the choices we make affect generations to come?

In a world where you are bombarded with climate crisis, lurking nuclear tensions and a pandemic, ‘Out of Balanz’ explore our own naivety and our desire for love and survival.

‘Before We Disappear’ is a new tragicomic performance that, based on the climate crisis, explores the human species’ self-destructive and transformative power and takes us by the hand on a journey from despair to hope.

‘Before We Disappear’ combines the powerful energy of physical theater and contemporary circus with fragility and humor.

Actor Lars Mikkelsen is the man behind the voice as he occupies the speakers as voice over for the performance, and musician ‘Rumpistol’ will deliver the soundtrack for the experience. 

The show is produced by Out of Balanz in collaboration with DYNAMO Workspace an Teater V.

The show will be performed in danish

Supported by

Odense Municipality Danish arts council