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Out of thin air

0 can be both a starting point and a point of completion. Between these two extremities: an existence, an infinity of possibility.

Over 80 minutes 080 traces, educes and narrates the story of an imaginary being with humour and tenderness: neither woman nor man, having neither genitalia nor mouth, without value, brotherless, sisterless, friendless, without modesty.

They traverse their existence as a succession of first times, discovering themself, meeting themself, losing themself. Blossoming, hurting, entertained, moved; finally leaving without joy or pain, because that is their way.

A moving performance by French HNG, that guested DYNAMO in 2019 with the performance ’3D’.

The performance is postponed due to the locodown


In January 2019, DYNAMO witnessed Jonathan Guichard’s performance 3D at the BiAC festival in Marseille (France). We were so excited that we immediately invited him to perform it in Odense. Usually Jonathan does not travel that far to perform a single show, but he made an exception for DYNAMO as he had heard good things about our workspace here at Byens Ø.

Now he is back again with a brand-new piece, which is still in the making. DYNAMO is co-producing it together with a number of renowned circus-houses from Europe.

In 2021 Jonathan Guichard will make his way to DYNAMO for a production period in January, and in April he will return for the Nordic premiere. We look forward to collaborating with the established artist, and are excited to present the result!

Read more about the performance here (in French)
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Ticket price on performance night at the venue: kr. 200 – buy your ticket in pre-sale. It is much cheaper!

Supported by

Odense Municipality Danish arts council