Circus Sabok

Estonian Circus Sabok works under the title “Don’t leave me hanging” with beauty as an endless movement. The question they are asked during their residency at DYNAMO is whether we are able to find peace, the state of equilibrium, the place on one’s shoulders where the balance turns into silence?

The project is in its final phase and culminates at DYNAMO with a pre-premiere on February 22nd.

The group consists of two circus artists and a musician who together want to explore the harmony we call inner peace. To dare to take the leap is not only about courage and acceptance of the opportunity to fail, but about trusting your surroundings. They work together to create a foundation of trust, making it easier to overcome their own fears.

“Don’t leave me hanging” creates a world where we focus on the moment. We explore our similarities and how diversity can work together. “Don’t leave me hanging” emphasizes the gentle beautiful and fragile aspects of the circus body as a medium.

Circus Sabok is founded by Saana Leppänen and Kert-Erhard Ridaste

Saana is an aerialist and acrobat originally from Finland. She started at Sorin Circus at the age of 5 and went on to Dance and Circus University in Stockholm (DOCH) at the age of 18. She has performed with Circus Cirkör, Circus Nikolajeffs, as well as various festivals and events. Currently Saana is touring with Circus, I Love You.

Kert is a professional Estonian circus artist. He started at the age of 5 by emphasizing movement through dance while competing in partner acrobatics. Kert set course for the Dutch circus and performance art university and then at the circus university in Stockholm (DOCH) to study with the discipline hand in hand. Currently, Kert is touring with the circus, I Love You.

In residency at Dynamo from Feb. 5. 2020 to Feb. 23. 2020