Circus SaboK

Don’t Leave Me Hanging

Three artists put together a show where live music, duo acrobatics, dance and cyr wheel intertwine with ropes to create a visually stimulating whole. Enthusiasm and passion towards circus take the performers to their limits. Don’t Leave Me Hanging is a circus show about accepting oneself and finding inner peace.

“To dare, to take the leap is not only about courage and preparedness to fail, but about the trust in your surroundings.”

The artists put as much care into the assembly and disassembly of the various tools as they do in the interaction with each other. Here is a soft tone of community and thoughtfulness that is enhanced by live music.

Artists are not saving their sweat, but rather pushing their limits of exhaustion. Don’t Leave Me Hanging goes back to the basics of a show that celebrates the human body, the beauty and the strength.

Supported by

Danish arts council Odense Municipality