A charming and quirky tribute to the joy of one’s own company

L O N E is an abstract solo circus piece that portrays the fine line between being alone and being lonely. 

With the combination of a teeterboard, Luuk himself and an innovative structure, Luuk expands the borders of what the teeterboard is, and can be.

It is a tribute to being alone and a display of the joy, beauty and tranquility that comes with it.

VENUE Outside at Byens Ø
AGE 6 +
DURATION Approx. 30 min.

The performance can be seen with either a festival pass, a day ticket for Friday or Saturday, or an outdoors ticket for Friday or Saturday. Buy tickets here.

L O N E by Luuk Brantjes – trailer from Luuk Brantjes on Vimeo.

MULTIVERSE – The last Human on Earth (is a circus artist)

What if the last human on Earth is a circus artist? 

With images of planetary constellations, minerals, elemental-biological ecological beauty and devastation, life and extinction; a universe folding and unfolding in and out of itself. 

Come and experience a circus fable where the last human on Earth plays with foil, lights, sounds, forms and motion. A playful, hypnotic and meditative experience for the whole family.

AGE 8 +
DURATION Approx. 60 min.

The performance can be seen with either a festival pass or a day ticket for Wednesday or Thursday. Buy tickets here. Few single tickets for the show Wednesday and Thursday.

MULTIVERSE The last Human on Earth (is a circus artist) from CirkusPerspektiv Sweden on Vimeo.


Dan le Man is an Australian host and performer extraordinaire with shows in more that 30+ countries behind him.

Now he’s is back in Odense to host a night of PartyTricks. 

Anything and everything goes. Anyone and anybody can show off their trick. There’ll be prizes for all. It’s like karaoke but we’ll do tricks instead of singing. 

What’s your go to party trick?

AGE 15 +
DURATION Last man standing

Access with festival pass or a day ticket for Friday. Buy your tickets here.


World premiere with aerial acrobatics, poetry and community

A reunion with the spectacular artists who impressed the audience at DYNAMO CIRCUS FESTIVAL 2021.

Based on the importance of human connection, Kaaos Kaamos has created a new performance where the sky is the limit.. 

A performance about being; 
about being human
about being there for others 
about being part of a community, yes ultimately part of something bigger than yourself.

A DYNAMO co-production.

VENUE Outside at Byens Ø
AGE 6 +
DURATION Approx. 40 min.



Moiré is a celebration of the distorted, of the emotions that can not be tamed, of the collective forces that can not be pushed down.

A ritual to strengthen the power to disrupt. Original music and video narrative in a

unique setup of electronic instruments, effects and devices with breathtaking circus skills including body contortion, cyr wheel and trapeze.

AGE 15 +
DURATION Approx. 60 min.

The performance can be seen with either a festival pass or a day Saturday. Buy tickets here.


Circus, chaos and satire

Tutti Frutti is a lively and whirling mix of four energetic people celebrating the joy of life in this violent world.

Tutti Frutti is omnipresent and omnipotent. It is all around us and in the depths of our souls too. Tutti Frutti is a kind of salad of unlikely ingredients, well sprinkled with spontaneity and absurd logic, a corrosive and liberating humour!

An explosive formula to make you laugh and at the same time gnash your teeth. A societal satire of power and domination between protagonists, each more megalomaniacal and egocentric than the next. Obsessed with juggling and manipulating objects of all kinds, they give way to euphoric buffoonery.

AGE 6+
DURATION Approx. 50 min.

The performance can be seen with either a festival pass or a day ticket for Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Buy tickets here. Few single tickets for the performance Thursday.


A journey to new dimensions

Jump on board when the utopian circus project, The Vessel, sets of for the adventure! 

The journey goes to new dimensions and universes, where gravity is lifted, creatures arise and time is a flexible dimension. Through physical theatre, acrobatics and cyr-wheel, three artists take us on a discovery expedition – and make sure that we return home safe and sound and changed.

AGE 6 +
DURATION Approx. 50 min.

The performance can be seen with either a festival pass or a day ticket for Friday or Saturday. Buy tickets here.


Look up and enjoy the show

Insolence, Belgian humour and political incorrectness are the ingredients to fight conformity and help the seeds of madness grow. 

This show is a reflection on the utopian idea of democracy, which can be good as it can be bad, leading to ever greater inequalities, and even to the extremes of dictatorship. 

It is an attempt to answer the question that we ask ourselves as citizens and members of a collective: Can we find a way, on this great human adventure, to live equally and in harmony?

VENUE The festival site
AGE 6 +
DURATION Approx. 75 min.

The performance can be seen with either a festival pass, a day ticket for Thursday, Friday or Saturday, or an outdoors ticket for Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Buy tickets here. Can also be see with single ticket for this show. Sales link on this page.


En tankefuld, overraskende og legende forestilling om magtbalance og samfundsnormer. ”Hvem bestemmer?” ”Hvem har lov at tale?” og ”under hvilke omstændigheder?” Kollektiv Knaster lader på ingen måde spørgsmålene hænge i luften, men lader dem kollidere for fuld kraft. Akrobatik, live musik, teater og magi, sætter rammen for fire karakteres neurotiske færd igennem jagten på kontrol og accept af tingenes tilstand.

Dance For Silo With Fish Drawing

Sparrow Dance danser på DYNAMO’s silo i en forestilling som er skabt unikt til netop dette sted. Artisterne trodser tyngdekraften og danser en vertikal duet i magisk forening med siloens kunstværker.

Hairy Tales

Med en stor portion humor, fleksible kroppe og hår-kreationer, har M.P.A.C skabt en klovneforestilling til det 21 århundrede. Hairy Tales handler om hår – barberet, udvokset, tørret og tabt. Ved at sætte hår under lup og dele personlige erfaringer, afsløres en komisk og underfundig historie, som bevæger sig på grænsen mellem teater, cirkus og performanceart.

The Balance

En fascinerende blanding af moderne cirkus, performanceart og installationskunst.
Kom helt tæt på balancekunsten i denne upolerede forestilling, hvor artisten arbejder sig igennem både den virtuose triumf og det totale kollaps. Vær med når det lykkes, når det fejler og når det er lige ved at ske. Mærk balancens essens.

Kaaos Kaamos 2.0

A work in progress

A happy reunion with the company that fired up DYNAMO Circus Festival 2018. 

This work in progress is an invitation to step completely into the circus world of Kaaos Kaamos. A celebration of community, a meeting around the campfire. Cultures, traditions and rituals meet in a thrilling mix of banquine and Korean cradle.

VENUE The Big Top
AGE All ages
DURATION 60 min incl. artist talk


Circus with the forest upside down

Dynamic handstand by a collective of six artists.

True to its name, Wald reflects the forest. The evolution, growth, decay, death and rebirth of nature and what happens to it when touched by the human hand. As saplings search for light, in an arguably bleaker time for the natural world, Wald explores the cyclical nature of a changing habitat.

AGE Age 10+
DURATION 55 min.

WALD is a part of the CircusLink project, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union


Le Peep Show des Marcel’s

THE GOOD PLACE is a crazy, colorful, fabulous and plastic-fantastic universe, that  you can’t help falling in love with. THE GOOD PLACE is illusion and suspense. Mischiefs and shenanigans. Interactive and captivating. The party you have missed all year. Come and sing and dance, and get close to the peep show, that cures all sorrows. (Un)documented effect.

The performance takes place in a fairly small but rather huge all-pink tent on Byens Ø.

VENUE In the small Big Top
AGE All ages
DURATION 70 min.

Un Cirque plus Juste

Memorable circus performance

Jani Nuutinen’s enchanting one man circus conjures pleasure and magic.”
– London International Mime Festival

Carried by nostalgic French chanson, this intimate solo with a game of lights, glances and magic, is a delicate nod to the circus of old, brilliantly reinterpreted with contemporaneity.

A performance that touches the soul.

AGE Age 7+
DURATION 45 min.


Performance for the whole family and especially children

Two jugglers meet in the borderland between dream and reality. Juggling objects and gadgets come to life and time goes faster than usual. 

In a flow of rhythmic skillfulness and acrobatic experiments, the audience are invited on a playful circus excursion to an unknown pastel coloured landscape.

We leave behind what has been and what will be and invite you to Kiseldalen.

AGE Age 3+
DURATION 30 min.


Circus and Physical Theatre

“Occasionally baffling, often beautiful and arresting throughout, OTUS certainly deserves to be widely seen.” 
– British Theatre Guide

Two creatures in an abstract wooden world, with precarious wooden planks, a rope, table and trapeze. 

Utilizing circus, physical theatre, movement and clown, OTUS explores tensions in their enigmatic world.

AGE Age 6+
DURATION 55 min.

OTUS is a part of the CircusLink project, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union


Danish premiere at last

Between nostalgia, love of tradition and humour, our Finnish women, trapezist, funambulist or acrobat, put on a real show and send Nordic cliches flying. The women of Mad in Finland – we’re already mad about them.
– Le Monde

With gallows humour, love and bold energy, the seven artists of MAD IN FINLAND reveal how they perceive and dream of their homeland. A grand, crazy and extraordinary circus experience that will blow your mind.

VENUE The Big Top
AGE Age 5+
DURATION 75 min.

Price – single ticket: Kr. 120 – kr. 80 (youth/stud/senior/poor) – kr. 40 (child)
Buy ticket for Thursday Aug 5th kl. 19
Buy ticket for Friday Aug 6th kl. 21
Buy ticket for Saturday Aug 7th kl. 17 

Photographs & drawing: Sébastien Armengol, Paola Jorquera, Lucce


Dan le Man is an Australian/Estonian host and performer extraordinaire with shows in more than 30 countries.

Boom! And now he’s here in Odense to host a night of PartyTricks. Anything and everything goes. Anyone and everyone can show off their trick.

There’ll be prizes for all. It’s like karaoke but we’ll do tricks instead of songs. What’s your go-to party trick?

AGE 12+
DURATION Approx. 90 min.


Welcome to this year’s cabaret, under the dome in the giant Big Top on Byens Ø.

To the sound of Joakim Moesgaard, DYNAMO presents lots of artists from Denmark and abroad. According to tradition, the cabaret is staged by a new director every year. This year it is none other than David Tholander – one of the frontrunners in the genre Magie Nouvelle (new magic) in Denmark.

In short… be there or be square!

VENUE The Big Top
AGE All ages
DURATION Approx. 120 min incl. intermission

Price – single ticket: Kr. 120 – kr. 80 (youth/stud/senior/poor) – kr. 40 (child)
Buy ticket for Saturday Aug 7th kl. 21


What is a strong woman? And what makes her break? What is weakness? Using acrobatics, strong women, passion and human disasters. VIXEN is a performance that concentrates on societies influence and impact on the role of women.

TANTER are three wild women who want to change the world for the better. They make work that aims to create increased understanding between people using circus (trapeze, slack rope, contortion and corde lisse). TANTER believe in the power of integrity as demonstrated in Vixen.

You can read more about Tanter on their facebook: facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tanterkompani

Duration: 60 min


ZOOG – is the beauty and ugliness of any relationship, joy in its good moments, but also the difficulties and conflicts that exist in it. It is a meeting between two acrobats, a daily matter, a game of love and hate, a battle in which tenderness and cruelty mix.  Amir and Hemda, are a pair of acrobats in roles “reversed” from the norm. In a unique style that takes inspiration from martial arts, capoeira and parkour, they make their joint acrobatic movement a form of dance. 

ZOOG is a show that touches sensitive points, with humor, sincerity and bursting energy.

Amir and Hemda have been working together since 2013. Following their artistic formation in Israel and Italy they graduated from the formation “insertion professionnel” at Le Lido- centre des arts du cirque de Toulouse in 2017. Partner Acrobatics, Acro dance, Movement Acrobatics and Hand to Hand are the disciplines that serves as the base of Amir and Hemda’s work.

Svalbard Cabaret Night

Svalbard Cabaret Nights is a site-specific cabaret project by the critically acclaimed Svalbard Company, developing the idea of creating a ground and methods on co-acceptance as co-existence between different human universes.

This year DYNAMO are happy to pass on this task of putting together a cabaret that WILL blow you away.

Svalbard Company is a circus company that believes in multidisciplinary art and is composed of 4 young international performers (Ben Smith (UK), Alexis Akrovatakis (GR), Tom Brand (DE), Santiago Ruiz Albalate (ES), currently based in Stockholm.

They trained at various preparatory circus schools before graduating from The University of Dance and Circus DOCH in 2014. The team has a multitude of high-level skills in various circus disciplines such as vertical rope, Chinese pole, handstands, hand to hand, banquine, clowning, acrobatics and movement/dance.

You can read more on their website here: http://compartmentalization

And you can follow them on facebook right here: https://www.facebook.com/svalbardcompany/

Duration: 60 min


Welcome to Señor Stets’ world. A man lugs a suitcase around. Out of it he pulls a one-hour long performance with only a few elements. A rope to dance with.  Another masquerading as a snake. 9 Rat traps and an almost animate fish.

Through a combination of circus, dance and object theatre, the audience is led through a minimalistic performance which marries the playful world of the clown with the nightmarish suspense of a horror film.

The performance is a summary of material from different performances united to make a solo show, which invites you into a minimalistic and poetic world, accompanied by cassette player and an old megaphone.

Duration: 65 min


GREGARIOUS is a wonderful anti-heroic study of the human side of sport – in the midst of competition and fraternity. Team spirit against rival.

In English, “gregarious” is a term for animals and people who thrive the best in a group. And in Spanish, ‘gregario’ is a water carrier – a helper who must sacrifice himself to lead his team captain to victory in road cycling.

Based on their own friendship and partnership, the two artists have created a new circus gem bursting with charm, energy and bubbly humor. With absolute superior physics, spectacular performances and witty bites, they put the human nature at the forefront and makes us recognise and laugh at ourselves.

Company Soon is a circus company created by the two acrobats and friends Nilas Kronlid and Manel Rosés. They studied on the Circus Program at DOCH/Stockholm University of the Arts in Stockholm, graduating in 2010. Since then they have worked in many different shows and companies, including Cirque du Soleil, Cirkus Cirkör and many more. They were awarded a Gold Medal at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain. In 2016 they decided it was time to make a show of their own; the result is Gregarious.

Varighed: 45 min

The cloud jump lecture

The cloud jump is a deep dive into the creative process, about changing perspectives and a surrealistic story of a group of people who spent 2.5 years on an impossible dream of being able to control fate.

Saloranta & de Vylder is a framework for the collaboration between Sara de Vylder and Olle Saloranta Strandberg. Olle Saloranta Strandberg is a contemporary circus director and choreographer. He has a background as a circus artist and holds a MFA in direction and dramaturgy for movement-based performing arts. Lately he’s been researching circus in the airspace, on platforms in the clouds (analogue). Working with circus performers as experts in creative adaptation to changes in the environment.

As an artistic director working for Cirkus Cirkör his Under-trilogy (Undermän (2010), Underart (2014) and Under (2017)) has been touring the world playing over 600 shows in 60 cities across three continents. Olle co-founded Cirkör LAB (Laboratory for Artistic Brilliance), a space for artistic R&D as well as a meeting point for interdisciplinary artistic research outside of the academy. Today Olle is a co-founder and artistic co-worker in the company Saloranta & de Vylder.

You can read more on the website right here: http://salorantadevylder.com/

You can also follow them on their facebook: https://www.facebook.com/salorantadevylder.page/

Duration: 75 min

The greatest and 2nd smallest circus in the world

The brunette Bros have for the past 11 years developed humorous theatre along with scenography based on the disintegration of the performances themselves. The company has explored the time-pockets and spaces that occur when a performance falls apart. In practical terms, they have built scenography which breaks apart, created characters who dissolve and broken-down the framework of stage and room.

They take advantage of the fragility that ensues when the audience questions what is acting and what is real and thus the opportunity arises for a total involvement of an audience fully indulged in the illusion.

In ‘The Greatest and 2nd Smallest Circus in the World’ The Brunette Bros have developed a unique theatre performance where puppet theatre, live music and classic clownery.

The Hillbilly, Lisa Skjøth Madsen, from northern Denmark and the exotic and nationalistic Maria Solà Font from Catalunya were lucky to find each other under a terrible storm in the pacific ocean. After saving each other’s lives from the tongues of oblivion they travelled to Copenhagen, Denmark, where they fusion the tight ass of the Danes with the southern temperament into a slightly uptight and weird kind of a puppet and music theatre troop which still exist this day today.

You can read more on their facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrunetteBros/

Duration: 60 min