Welcome to a unique film-screening event set on unchartered territory: At sea.

60secondscircusfilm is a brand-new international competition for circus films with the duration of only one minute, initiated by DYNAMO and OFF – Odense International Film Festival.

The participating film will be projected onto a huge outdoors screen, that you can view from the docks or from water. So bring you kayak, dinghy, raft, boat or wetsuit, and join us for Sail in Circus in Cinema in Odense harbour.

VENUE At the docks by Byens Ø
AGE For all ages

Presented in collaboration with OFF Film Festival and Royal Unibrew. SAIL-IN-BIO IN ODENSE HAVN is supported by Odense Kommune, Oplev Odense Puljen

Free entrance!



A multidisciplinary project by Isak Stockås, Luuk Brantjes and Joel Roxendal, with a focus to bring awareness on the rapid disappearance of snow in the winter. What used to be the season of complete white, impeccable minimalistic scenery, will turn into a grey oblivion of rain and darkness.

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VENUE Cinema Camper
AGE For all ages

DIRECTOR Isak Stockås
LANGUAGE English – no subtitles
DURATION Ca. 10 min



What happens when one Finnish circus artist decides to make a film with her six Finnish co-stars? They re-create Finland in a show, they tour the world and film in the same way they create a circus show… with a Finnish cell phone or a camera.

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VENUE Cinema Camper

DIRECTOR Elice Abonce Muhonen
LANGUAGE Finnish and French – English Subtitles
DURATION 65 min.



Her entire life Simona has been traveling with the family circus. But slowly the circus life is declining, and she will have to make a choice. Either she continues to carry the legacy of the circus by becoming a seventh-generation artist, or she breaks the family tradition and steps into an unknown life outside the circus.

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VENUE Cinema Camper
AGE For all

DIRECTOR Åsa Sjöström
LANGUAGE Swedish – English subtitles
DURATION 58 min.



A group of underground actors, musicians, entertainers, acrobats, painters and activists were caught on camera by filmmaker Naomi Smyth, who followed them for four years in order to capture the secrets of the crew who squat empty buildings.

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VENUE Cinema Camper

DIRECTOR Naomi Smyth
LANGUAGE English– No Subtitles
DURATION 98 min.



A film about the director of a circus, Tilde Björfors, who faced her fears and threw herself into the unknown. She brought contemporary circus to Sweden twenty years ago and has since built up one of the world’s most successful contemporary circus companies: Circus Cirkör.

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VENUE Cinema Camper

DIRECTOR Titti Johnson & Helgi Felixson
LANGUAGE Swedish – English subtitles
DURATION 75 min.


The documentary film The Arctic Circus addresses issues such as society, identity, belonging, acceptance and prejudice.

Through the film we experience the different personalities of the circus, the situations that occur in and around it, the society they travel through and the incredible landscape around them.

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AGE For all
VENUE The Cinema Camper

DIRECTOR Haakon Sand & Gudmund Sand
LANGUAGE English – English Subtitles
DURATION 25 min.


Seven newly-trained circus artists have formed the group Acting for Climate and are sailing out on an old two-masted schooner to change our view of the climate challenges.

Into The Water is a documentary that follows young people at an important time in their lives where dreams and reality meet.

See the film programme at the Festival Site. See the film in the cinema camper.

DIRECTOR Andreas Voss
LANGUAGE With English subtitles
DURATION ca. 20 min.

The art of working in pairs

Louise and Henrik are two aging professional circus acrobats who constantly search for new ways to perform their art form. They look upon their practice as a lifelong project, and they have no idea when or how it will end. But for how long can they keep it up, as they grow older and have become parents for the first time.

Director: Thor Brenne
Duration: 11 min
Language: Norwegian & Swedish – English subtitles

En Équilibre

Amid sweat and dust, Kati and Victor have crisscrossed France and Europe for 15 years, performing with the Aital circus. She is an acrobat, and he is her catcher. Despite the pressure of living and working together, Kati and Victor remain steadfast partners in work and in life, for the better or worse. Whatever their mood: the show must go on! Until their bond is tested with the arrival of a child that throws them off balance. This is En équilibre!

Director: Antares Bassis and Pascal Auffray
Duration: 53 min
Language: French

Circus Rwanda

Rosťa Novák, the principal of Cirk La Putyka ensemble, artistic workaholic and perfectionist, agrees to make a joint project with a group of acrobats from Rwanda. He heads to Africa for the first time in his life, to make a circus show about the clash of cultures. How will he cope with the hit of his expectations on Rwandese reality?

Director: Michal Varga
Duration: 80 min
Language: English & Czech – English subtitles


The Swedish production, FISH, is the story of a young woman and her goldfish. A love story about loss and finding strength again, told with the help of circus elements such as the the “Chinese pole” and the “slack line.”

Director: Åsa Johannisson
Duration: 11 min
Language: Non-verbal

Petit Bus Rouge – Flying Frenchies

Petit Bus Rouge – Flying Frenchie is first and foremost a documented tour de force in the wild world of circus stunts. The film is the circus-world equivalent to a skate movie and a tribute to the training spaces and the circus tricks done for no other reason but for the sake of the artists themselves.

Director: Sébastien Montaz-Rosset
Duration: 76 min
Language: French