Circus from the Nordic Sea

The wooden sailboat Johanne has sailed thousands of natutical miles from the North Sea through insidious Skagerrak, to the open Baltic Sea. Her hull has experienced madness and scurvy, and under the cover of the night, her crew has conspired, been drinking and taught themselves new tricks!

In strong gale the sea fog’s heroes stand weathered, raw and ready with a wild and imposed circus-show! A mad and ingenious balancing act about life aboard, and the world on land.

With neck-breaking acrobatics from the mast, handstand in the wind, and precision second to none in everything that takes place, the crew of artists and musicians demonstrates what happens when the line of command disappears, and creative anarchy breaks free!

“Circus from the Nordic Sea” is an impressive and seductive circus-show with a duration of approx. 60 min. and includes livemusic by Swedish electronica-artist Jenny Nilsson and is recommended for all ages. “Circus from the Nordic Sea” is the 2nd in line of DYNAMO’s co-produced circus performances!

Dynamo circus festival 2019

In an oasis of wild and beautiful encounters between abandoned silos and pale concrete at Odense Harbor, DYNAMO Workspace presents a small and intense festival. It is going to be curious, sharp, breathtaking, humorous, moving and ass-kicking. During these two days you will experience international contemporary circus with artists from all over the world underneath the open sky and at Dynamo Workspace. Both the kind for children and the kind that only comes out after nightfall.The festival site offers workshops for all ages, food, great weather – of course, and “Bar to the Bone.”

Inside Dynamo you will find our two scenes, our post-apocalyptic Punk-Tivoli atmosphere, and a huge late night cabaret kick-in-the-party-balls, with local heroes, national and international artists and delicious live music.The whole spectacle ends in a crazy out of this world afterparty. If you are lucky you will go home with a tattoo and a prize from the shooting gallery that you couldn’t possibly live without.

More info at

Arcade Delight

What do you do as a nostalgic when, do to 20 years of unstoppable technological advancement, the arcade machines have had to see themselves banished to the darkness? – When kitsch is no longer cool and we have gradually forgotten how to move on roller skates?

One option is undeniably and insistently to force breath life back into it accompanied by the tunes of Talkin Heads and Bowie and force feed the mischievous types with roller disco, shoulder pads and masterful circus acts.

Through a neon-lit retro arcade hall, you enter the pastel-colored parallel universe, to the sounds of the Donkey Kong and Pac Man themes. Stage smoke, light fixtures and DJs frame the roller skate disco dome, while a street of dilapidated sheds houses bars, roller skate dispatch center, air rifle shooting tent, a “redundancy horn” of a dressing room, face painting for adults, photo booth and street food trucks of straight out curiosities.

And then of course the circus!

If you can come dressed up according to the 80’s theme?!


Arcade Delight is an all-night event in a complete universe where you as the audience can move freely. There are very few rules for you in your role as an audience: Have a party and participate!

Arcade Delight is an immersive concept developed by DYNAMO, which means that you as an audience / participant, in addition to being included as a scenographic element, will also be able to interact with the acts and artists you are surrounded by.

You may want to dress up for Arcade Delight – feel free! Just like you might have pair of roller skates that you think the whole world should see – Bring ‘em – Helle, roll your way down here!

Any excess tickets are sold at the door.


Boldly progressing backwards

Pendulum is two aristocrats’ cavalcade of self-reinforcing idiocracies and a peculiar fascination with everything that sways, cradles or swings.

Well-equipped with pocket watches, monocles and promising ingenuity that had previously led their peers to ground-breaking discoveries, two noblemen set out on a journey of inexplicable importance. In the familiar surroundings of upper-class comfort not even stupidity stands in the way of these two and their ingenious discoveries.

Slowly, it dawns on them however, that not everything is as it once was, for what is Nobility without riches, servants and reason?

DURATION 50 min.
AGE 8 years and up

Adult pre-sale: 120 kr.
Adult at the door: 200 kr.
Retired, poor, students and youth u/25: 80 kr.
Children u/15: 40 kr

*Buy your DYNAMO-card to see tons of performances and save tons of money! 350 kr. for the entire season 21/22 (conditions apply)

“Pendulum, by the circus artists Thom Monckton and Luis Sartori do Vale is a playful flash for the greats of silent and physical comedy Buster Keaton, Jacques Tat and Freddie Frinton. The performance is a tribute to the greats of silent and physical comedy Buster Keaton, Jacques Tati and Freddie Frinton, familiar to many as the master of ceremonies of Miss Sophie, who every new year celebrates her 90th anniversary in the sketch Dinner for One. (…) In Pendulum, the stage is a playground and a game field. Instead of circus props, the momentum is taken from a rocking chair, a rocking horse, a rocking camera, and a rocking table. (…) The imaginative performance is my cup of tea, sugared with humour.” – Review of Pendulum, after the show in Oulu, Finland 2021 by Eeva Kauppinen

Horror film esthetics and eternal restlessness

All the things that constantly move back and forth is the essence of restlessness! Yet, we find in these motions an intrinsic comforting, as if they remind us of an experience before consciousness.

The performance aims to combine the explosiveness and action of circus with the human physical response to gentle constant movement.

Behind this physical comedy Pendulum are Thom Monckton and Luis Sartori do Vale.

About Thom Monckton:

[Monckton] “whose Only Bones featured at LIMF2017, [is] one of today’s most accomplished and inventive physical comedians. – (London Mime Festival)

★★★★★ “Monckton’s ability to manipulate the smallest parts of the body, not just to do this expertly well but while establishing a playful relationship with the audience, is mind-blowing” – (Across The Arts)

About Luis Sartori do Vale:

[With Luis] “We find ourselves at the crossroad of circus and visual arts and it’s just beautiful for the eyes.” – Branchés Culture

[Luis Sartori do Vale delivers] “A real scenic language that calls for the elegance of the gesture.” –


Kulovalkea is the Finnish wildfire, that eats its way through the landscape. The uncontrollable and meaningless force that leaves nothing behind but a blank canvas. Kulovalkea is a tribute to the loss of meaning and a circus shaped argument for the value of the unnecessary. 
The performance is created by a young and talented ensemble from Finland. Through the dreamy landscape, playful details and rhythmic movement, an unbroken chain of fragmented scenes help create a universe both absurd and reviving, playful and entertaining.   

Acrobatics, object manipulation and modern dance morph together and create an evocative space, where not all is as it seems and everything can be turned upside down.

In a world that idolizes the measurable as the meaningful, Kulovalkea defies all logic, feeds curiosity and challenges the rational mind. 

Cirkus In The Park

DYNAMO and Right Way Down present the contemporary circus show; WALD.

Come and get a taste of the company Right Way Down’s upcoming performance Wald.

Wald uses the circus discipline of hand balance as its language to symbolize the symbiosis, decay and regrowth of forests.

The forest serves as a natural metaphor for their physical exploration, which will form new perspectives on the discipline of hand balance.

Come and experience a universe where the normal rules are reversed and where you are invited to see the world the right way down.

Saturday 18/7:

Munke Mose at 13.00 – 13.20
Fruens Bøge at 15.00 – 15.20
Kulturbotanisk Have at 17.00 – 17.20

Sunday 19/7:

Eventyrhaven at 10.00 – 10.20
Eventyrhaven at 12.00 – 12.20
Kongens Have at 14.00 – 14.20

The performances are free.

The performance is co-produced by DYNAMO and will be presented full length at DYNAMO Circus Festival 2021 with the support from Circus Link and Dance Dansinitiativet i Luleå

Trash Cinema vol. 1

Trash Cinema vol.1 – open-air roller disco & film screening.
Dynamo and Den Røvsmalle Biograf presents an extraordinary cinema experience.
While the sun sets at Odense Havn the cult movie SKATETOWN, U.S.A. (1979) begins, starring the forever dreamboat Patrick Swayze and the playboy model Dorothy Stratten in a cameo.
Enjoy the drama between rival roller skaters on the big screen, while you yourself are rolling around in Dynamo’s roller disco universe.
The mullet hairdresser from No. Regular Salon will ensure fitting styles, the bartenders will be serving cold drinks and the roller skate rent-out is open. Dress up in your most electric outfit and join us for a night of unrestrained fun and crazy skate stunts.

If you hold a card for either Dynamo or Den Røvsmalle Biograf entrance is free. Tickets: DKK 100.

World premiere of the circus film ‘Protest’ and release party DYNAMO Magazine

On Friday, August 14th DYNAMO host the world premiere of the film ‘Protest’. 

The film is created by the circus company Svalbard (SE, UK, ES, GR, DR), who in 2019 delivered a spectacular finale show at the Dynamo Circus Festival. Artistry, concert and video art merged into an interactive total experience, created in collaboration with local artists and partners and situated at different locations all around Byens Ø in Odense.

‘Protest’ is based on this performance, but is an independent piece where elements from the show and the preparations in the days prior make up a sensuously, breath taking, poetic and at times provocative universe. The film is presented in a scenography that draws parallels to the original performance.

The release of DYNAMOs first published magazine ‘Dynamo Magazine – A Contemporary Circus Publication’ takes place the same night. 

Through interviews with artists, articles, essays and poems, we look into the contemporary circus scene and give a glimpse of the abundance of talent, creativity and diversity, that appears when the light dims and the curtain is drawn. 

Dynamo Magazine is edited by culture writer and editor Elena Stanciu, who will talk a bit about the making and the thoughts behind, alongside the circus directors Rune Vadstrøm Andersen and Gry Lambertsen.

Release of magazine 5 pm – 7 pm. Film begins at 8 pm. Tickets for the cinema DKK 50, free entrance with Dynamo card.

The film will end at 10 pm and the bar will be open before, during and after.


DYNAMO presents a cinematic experience beyond anything you’ve seen before, in collaboration with Den Røvsmalle Biograf

In addition to enjoying the top-tuned bodies from tonight’s movie program, which amongst other offers the cult classic “Barbarella” (1969) with Jane Fonda as the sexy space agent, you’ll have a unique opportunity to burn some calories yourself in a full on aerobics-routine that we know and love from the days of the VHS.

The bar is open and we encourage open mindedness and body fetishism!

An all-evening event primarily for youths ands adults

The event is postponed due to the lock down.

Grafic design: Mads Find & Morten Ravnborg

Sawdust Symphony

What exactly is the satisfaction to hit a nail into wood? What is the sensation when sanding a surface and how does it feel for a machine to work? In this creation the performers share the stage with tools and machinery in a unik circus experience.

Sawdust Symphony talks about the human desire to create: the process from vision to construction, the tragedy of work and the relationship between tools and humans.

With object manipulation and Magie Nouvelle, a unique and absurd story is told about the universe of work.

Outside Eyes: Lucho Smit, Darragh McLoughlin
Production: Korzo Theater, Mirjam Zwanenburg
Special Thanks: Birgit Haberkamp, Philipp Dünnwald, Daniel Beiter
Support: Bundeskanzleramt Österreich (AT), Werkplaats Diepenheim (NL), TENT circus producties (NL), Latitude50 (BE), Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof Neerpelt (BE), Dynamo Workspace Odense (DK)


Out of thin air

0 can be both a starting point and a point of completion. Between these two extremities: an existence, an infinity of possibility.

Over 80 minutes 080 traces, educes and narrates the story of an imaginary being with humour and tenderness: neither woman nor man, having neither genitalia nor mouth, without value, brotherless, sisterless, friendless, without modesty.

They traverse their existence as a succession of first times, discovering themself, meeting themself, losing themself. Blossoming, hurting, entertained, moved; finally leaving without joy or pain, because that is their way.

A moving performance by French HNG, that guested DYNAMO in 2019 with the performance ’3D’.

The performance is postponed due to the locodown


In January 2019, DYNAMO witnessed Jonathan Guichard’s performance 3D at the BiAC festival in Marseille (France). We were so excited that we immediately invited him to perform it in Odense. Usually Jonathan does not travel that far to perform a single show, but he made an exception for DYNAMO as he had heard good things about our workspace here at Byens Ø.

Now he is back again with a brand-new piece, which is still in the making. DYNAMO is co-producing it together with a number of renowned circus-houses from Europe.

In 2021 Jonathan Guichard will make his way to DYNAMO for a production period in January, and in April he will return for the Nordic premiere. We look forward to collaborating with the established artist, and are excited to present the result!

Read more about the performance here (in French)
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Ticket price on performance night at the venue: kr. 200 – buy your ticket in pre-sale. It is much cheaper!

Reopening celebration

Welcome back!

The lockdown is over and finally theaters and stages can open again. We must celebrate it – with circus and beer!

Join us for the reopening of DYNAMO

The bar is open and to celebrate the day we have selected a delicate festive potpourri of DYNAMO’s best circus friends, to perform for you. What they all have in common is the pure joy that they can meet the public again.

Corona- Guidelines

To secure a safe and fun experience for everybody, we ask all our audiences to follow these guidelines:

  • Have a valid coronapas and ID ready when you arrive
  • Book your tickets in advance
  • Arrive in good time (doors open 1 hour before every show)
  • Use sprit and wear a mask when standing up and walking around
  • Keep distance – Stay home if you feel sick – we will fully refund your ticket (excl. ticket fees)



BARK is a poetic, spectacular and thought provoking contemporary circus performance for a forest, an audience, and five performing artists. Played site-specifically in and with your local forest, BARK is about reconnecting with each other and with nature. The forest, the soil and the trees are the main characters of the performance, and co-create the piece together with the performers, climate scientists and outside eyes. 

The performance combines a physical expression of group acrobatics, vertical dance, dance and physical theatre with contemporary soundscapes and poetic text, all performed up in, between, with and around the trees. Through being nature, reconnecting, and living utopia, BARK aims to convey a sensory experience that can change perspectives on our human natures, as a part of the biosphere.

BARK will premiere May 7th and tour Denmark, Norway and Finland by bike during the summer and autumn of 2021.

Performance dates and venue:


Fri May 28th kl. 19
Sat May 29th kl. 14 and kl. 19
Sun May 30th kl. 14

Hollufgårds Allé 26
5220 Odense SØ

Meeting place: At the guest atalier: 55,3551301, 10,4377852

Practical information:

  • To avoid long waiting time, pre-booked tickets are recommended. A valid coronapas is necessary (to keep in line with regulations and protect the audience, we will only admit passers-by with a coronapas).
  • Bring outdoor clothes + be prepared to be in touch with nature in all kinds of weather
  • The performance is not recommended for large baby strollers or wheelchairs
  • In total you will walk 2 km walk / 70 min
  • Ideally pre-book your tickets; you can buy a ticket on site
  • Language: English + Norwegian
  • Ages 10+
  • After-show donations possible for Acting for Climate to support their work
  • The artists encourage a climate-friendly form of transportation to and from the show: cycling, public transportation or carpool, if possible.
Trailer by René Odgaard

SOLD OUT! Sharks on Board

Sharks On Board is a Danish contemporary circus production, suitable for children and childish souls of all ages. The performance takes place in a universe where anything can happen and only the imagination sets the limits. A world where audiences can sit back and enjoy an acrobatic journey full of stories, surprises and breathtaking circus art.

The performance goes beyond circus, with elements from modern dance and theater, which help to bind the small abstract stories together into a whole. We try to create a space where everyone can follow, across age and background. A space where the viewer can be seduced by world-class contemporary, and enjoy a break from everyday stress.

Sharks on Board premiers on April 23rd, with performances at Friskolen Glasværket and Lilleskolen. The shows are sold out.

DYNAMO Circus Festival

The fourth edition of the International Contemporary Circus Festival is packed with music, community, parties, unpredictable experiences and, of course, contemporary circus. It is a tour de force in intensity, poetry, humour and magic. Between abandoned silos and harbour industry, cultural life meets faded concrete – here, in August, DYNAMO presents an intense festival displaying this circus genre from its best side.

A circus festival needs to entertain, but must also challenge status quo! That’s why this year’s program contains astonishing contemporary circus performances, thrilling live music that sets the floor on fire, open stage, and a film program presented in collaboration with Odense International Film Festival.

See the performance programme for the festival

…or browse through this version on ISSUU

DYNAMO Circus Festival: four days of contemporary circus, music, talks, films, workshops and cultural togetherness.

DYNAMO Circus Festival is supported by Nordic Council of Ministers, Odense Kommune, William Demant Fonden, Finlands Kulturinstitut i Danmark, Statens Kunstfond, and the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. 

Idyll, an everyday fable

Burlesque savagery and pure naturalism.
With juggling, living room furniture, music and ropes, the two artists bring the universal troubles of the relationship to life.

A performance with humor, irony and finesse by a Danish-French artist duo, co-produced by DYNAMO Workspace.

AGE 8+
DURATION 65 min.

Adult pre-sale: 120 kr.
Adult at the door: 200 kr.
Retired, poor, students and youth u/25: 80 kr.
Children u/15: 40 kr

*Buy your DYNAMO-card to see tons of performances and save tons of money! 350 kr. for the entire season 21/22

‘Idyll – An Everyday Fable’ is supported by Odense Kommune/Kulturpuljen and the Danish Arts Foundation.

Cul de sac

New performance by Rapid Eye, co-produced by DYNAMO

Two jugglers, 230 meters of velcro-clad poles and an idea. Will that be enough to build a new world order?

Cul de sac is a contemporary circus performance by Rapid Eye, which in their iconic mix of understated comedy and deep seriousness, throws the two jugglers Samuel Gustavsson and Petter Wadsten into a wrestling match to resolve deadlocked negotiations.

Dressed in ill-fitted velcro suits, they move through a sticky choreography in a showdown against lack of action and willingness to change.

With an indomitable optimism to get the world on the right track before we are buried alive in total disaster, Cul de sac is part of the work to be done now, tomorrow and in the future…

AGE +12
DURATION 50 min.
TICKET From kr. 60 – kr. 0 with Momentum årskort or DYNAMO-kort

Co-produced by DYNAMO. Presented in collaboration with Teater Momentum.

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CANCELLED: Arcade Delight vol. 3

/DYNAMO 09.11.2021

A derailed interactive roller skating party and a return visit to the 80s arcade halls with a performance by Svalbard Company and the cinema concept Trash Cinema by Den Røvsmalle Biograf

Arcade Delight is an acidic interactive theater and circus universe created by, and under continuous development of DYNAMO. The venue forms the framework for equal parts performance, concert and installation. A sensory bombardment of sound, light and smell, circus artistry and scenarios which unfold above, below, around and among the audience while wearing roller skates whizzing around the post-apocalyptic amusement park.

Arcade Delight is a long-standing tradition, and this year the baton has been given to the Svalbard Company – an international performance company with world renowned artists.

Svalbard has previously visited DYNAMO Circus Festival and transformed the raw warehouse on Byens Ø into a site-specific cabaret with artistry and live music.

For Arcade Delight, they will team up with the electronic music duo 50øre, which consists of Anders Bo Eriksen and Sven Dam Meinild, who’ll deliver a dreamy sound.

Later in the evening, the band YOSHI (UK) goes on with a concert that’ll you on your skates, on the dance floor AND on stage, where they invite you to a Tekken4 battle on PS2 controllers.

BRING YOUR OWN WHEELS! (Roller skates, skateboards, walkers, etc.)

AGE From 16 years
DURATION From kl. 17 to the late hours
TICKET Adult kr. 300, Young / Stud / Pens kr. 250, DYNAMO card kr. 200


17:00 Doors open. Come and get your wheels on, dress up, get beautified in the White Trash Beauty Camp where you can get a fresh mullet hairstyle at Salon Ukraine and much more

19:00 Performance by Svalbard Company

22:00 Concert with YOSHI (UK)

23:00 DJs and dance floor

02:00 Late night Trash Cinema with Den Røvsmalle Biograf

Just in time for tea

Take a break from nice manners and your Sunday finest!

Inspired by the customs of the 1940s – and the rebellion against it – Vice Versa Circus invites you to an alternative tea party.

Time in isolation has led the two women in the sitting room into an imaginative universe where they play by their own rules. Here you drink your tea upside-down, throw with porcelain cups and gather around a floating table.

Just in time for tea is a contemporary circus performance for the entire family.

LOCATION Outside DYNAMO by the “bubbles” (the playground) on Byens Ø
DURATION 45 min.
AGE For all
TICKET From 40 kr. – 0 kr. with DYNAMO-card*

*Buy your DYNAMO-card to see tons of performances and save tons of money! 350 kr. for the entire season 21/22 (conditions apply)


Be the first to spot new talent

OPEN STAGE is an informal, free-space where performing artists can try out their ideas in front of an audience. The performers are performing artists who work with circus, dance, theater, puppet theater, or mix of all and any in between.

As an audience, you get access to the latest and most cutting-edge performances, which in process. You will most likely be the first to lay eyes on an act that will later become a complete work!

DURATION 90 min. incl. break
AGE 10+
TICKET 50 kr. / 0 kr. with DYNAMO-card


Be the first to spot new talent

OPEN STAGE is an informal, free-space where performing artists can try out their ideas in front of an audience. The performers are performing artists who work with circus, dance, theater, puppet theater, or mix of all and any in between.

As an audience, you get access to the latest and most cutting-edge performances, which in process. You will most likely be the first to lay eyes on an act that will later become a complete work!

DURATION 90 min. incl. break
AGE 10+
TICKET 50 kr. / 0 kr. with DYNAMO-card


Join a concert where the music moves across genres you may not even know: Inspired by Latvian polka, French chanson, experimental jazz compositions, old Danish songs and German hits, Perlemor plays songs from her new album, Kongelys.

WITH Gry Bagøien (vocals & organ), Morten Svenstrup (clarinet & cello) & Svendborg Men’s Choir

TIME The concert starts at 21 – the doors open at. 20
PLACE DYNAMO Workspace, Finlandkaj 6
TICKET Kr. 50 – DKK 0 with Momentum Music årskort or DYNAMO-card (link coming soon)

Get a taste of the music here:


Be the first to spot new talent

OPEN STAGE is an informal, free-space where performing artists can try out their ideas in front of an audience. The performers are performing artists who work with circus, dance, theater, puppet theater, or mix of all and any in between.

As an audience, you get access to the latest and most cutting-edge performances, which in process. You will most likely be the first to lay eyes on an act that will later become a complete work!

DURATION 90 min. incl. break
AGE 10+
TICKET 50 kr. / 0 kr. with DYNAMO-card


New boundary-pushing performance for children and young people with humor, seriousness and neckbreaking acrobatics

“If we are to experience continued growth in Denmark so that each generation becomes richer and can consume more than the previous one, the Danish youth must run faster and perform better. But at the same time, we also need creative young people who can go new ways, think outside the box and find new solutions to the problems we face… ”

As a service to the Danish efforts in the global economic competition, DYNAMO has therefore, in collaboration with the Ministry of Research and Education Center for Chaos and Disruption (FUCKD), created a breathtaking and entertaining program to teach children how to steal a car, rebel, prank their school and defend against everything from zombies to boring, angry adults.

DURATION 45 min. The doors open an hour before the performance. Come in good time and enjoy a drink in our bar.

AGE From 6 years old


DYNAMO Card: 0 kr*
Adult pre-sale: 120 kr.
Adult at the door: 200 kr.
Retired, poor, students and youth u/25: 80 kr.
Children u/15: 40 kr

*Buy your DYNAMO-card to see tons of performances and save tons of money! 350 kr. for the entire season 22/23 (conditions apply)

The Last Supper

5 characters unite during a final meal.

This modern circus performance combines dance, physical theatre, music and humor in a heartbreaking exploration of the dark spiral that can occur after a personal or societal tragedy.

The actors are all physical performers who each specialize in a unique circus discipline. In The Last Supper, they come together for the first time in a poetic study of the subject of self-destruction, and the overriding urge to get everything out on the table before the irreversible abyss.

The performance is co-produced by DYNAMO with support from the Danish Arts Foundation and Odense Municipality.

AGE from 14 years old
LANGUAGE Non-verbal


Accessibility All seating spaces (including audience seating) in DYNAMO are accessible for wheelchairs, canes, crutches or other mobility aids. Read more about accessibility in DYNAMO here.