Work in Progress – Object Manipulation

Note: This is a Work in Progress showing, which means that this is not a finished performance. By contrast, this presentation is a display of ideas and material that may form the basis for a finished performance.

Rhythm performers Villads, Ilmo, Livya & electronic composer Lasse Munk will work together throughout October on the basis of the theme “Action – Reaction”.

As dancers, they will use juggling patterns to see how they can juggle with their own bodies & space. As rhythm people, they will play with the rhythm & timing of juggling.

Focusing on timing, time and space. They will explore how to manipulate objects without being in direct contact with them, through the power of their bodies with breath, tramp & clap – from step, body percussion, beatbox as well as electrical appliances.

Free admission.

Sorry Not Sorry

Premiere for new dance performance

Take up space. Make noise! Lift yourself up and strech yourself out!

SORRY NOT SORRY is an explosive, fast-paced dance performance that challenges our fear of taking up space in the world – with our bodies and minds.

How can we take the space we need so we can lift ourselves and each other up?

Make yourself ready for fast-moving dancers and an inflatable scenography in screaming colours that requires space. An uplifting invitation to dare taking up space, expanding and making noise – in a voluminous soundscape of surf punk, rock and ferocity.

Or – In the words of Danish comedian Sofie Hagen: “Take up space in a world that wants to shrink you”.

DANCERS: Josefine Elna Ibsen, Ruth Rebekka Hansen
SCENOGRAPHER: Kirsten Victoria Lind
COMPOSERS: Kristoffer Rosing-Schow/Anders Pedersen
PHOTO & TRAILER: Kasper Nybo
PRODUCER/PR: Shuli Nordbek / Betina Rex

The project is supported by Statens Kunstfond, Augustinusfonden, Louis-Hansen Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, William Demant Fonden og Københavns Kommune – Scenekunstudvalget.

The development phase of the production was supported by Open Stage with a residency following an open call.

Ticket price at the venue kr. 200 – buy your ticket in advance – it is much cheaper!

Remember you corona-passport.

Concert with Muovipussi (FI)

A punkish electro-acoustic band consisting of three Finns: Niklas Blomberg, Heidi Finnberg and Milla Lahtinen. We write our own songs. There’s a bass and a lot of weird digital instruments.

Muovipussi is a performative electro-punk band from Finland founded in 2018. After playing several concerts they decided to extend their repertoire also to theater stages. In their mixture of music, theater and circus, they discover new ways to combine these worlds.

Inspired by grandmas and electronic music, these three performers present their multidisciplinary skills in a performance that will make your soul cringe, in the best possible way!

The concert begins after Exploring Nordic Contemporary Circus and is presented in collaboration with Feral Festival

TIME 21.30 – the doors open at 21
AGE 18 +
DURATION Approx. 1 hout
TICKET kr. 50 – DYNAMO-card kr. 0


An evening of electronic music and visual arts

ODEOLOGY is a safe space for musical experiences and visual expressions.
An evening of electronic music, acid techno and dance that agrees on peace, love, unity and respect.

ODEOLOGY er et safe space for musikalske oplevelser og visuelle udtryk.

September: Sugar, Pernille Krog Mortensen
December: TBC



OPEN STAGE is an informal free space where performing artists can try out their ideas for the audience. The performers are physical artists, selected via an open call in the spring, who work with circus, dance, theater, puppet theater, or cross several art forms.

The first OPEN STAGE will be held on Friday 18 June, and is a recurring event.


Det Fynske Dansekompagni with: Work in progress: INTUITION

Poems by Dan Turèll and Inger Christensen meet musical synthesizer universe in this absurd and uplifting dance performance about the intuitive. Meet Det Fynske Dansekompagni in vacuum cleaner tango, shopping channel and erotic slow motion to Händel while the rationale crackles. A performance for young people and adults which premiered at Teater Momentum on 19 May 2021. Excerpts from INTUITION.

Choreographer: Cirkeline Dahl Bondesen
Dancers: Cecilie Schyth Kjær, Christina Dyekjær, Viola Dröse, Linn Fletcher & Cirkeline Dahl Bondesen
Composer: Peter Kohlmetz Møller
Lighting design: Brian Cord’homme
Costume design: Nanna Bernholm
Producer: Det Fynske Dansekompagni
Assistant: Anna Ting

Andrea Albernaz_ Isla Collective with: CASA

CASA Project is an artistic collaboration between the actress Andrea Albernaz and the director and dramaturg Georges Perla. This project arises after the need of the actress to be able to tell her history, the history of the houses and places where she has lived, using her memories, sometimes confusing, often messy, to create the narrative and dramaturgy of the story. The current moment in which we have lived is not neglected either: a global pandemic, the isolation, confinement and being an inhabitant of our most intimate solitudes.

Idea: Andrea Albernaz & Georges Perla
Director and playwright: Georges Perla
Co-instructor: Juliana Appel
Pr & Communication: Elena Stanciu

Ida Langkilde with: PRÆSENS

Ida Langkilde has roots in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she found her love for the circus. Since then, she has experimented to explore the potential of circus. She has worked a lot with site-specific performances and she always wants to weave in themes that are close to her. This show will be focused on musik and have a selection of different material that she creates for OPEN STAGE. Her interdisciplinarity will form the core, while she will try to challenge herself and the audience’s presence.

Performer: Ida Langkilde

MOTUS with: The Unexpected

“Motus”, are Circus Playground’s own local artists who train weekly at DYNAMO Some do it alongside work, while others perform with Cirque Du Soleil. This evening they have chosen to show you what they are working on. They describe their number like this. The Unexpected ”A mix of classic circus disciplines. “Flips and Whips” in a cocktail of improvisation and extreme precision.

Cast: Daniel Hamre, Frederik Bertelsen, Emil Korfitz, Morten Bo Hytteballe, Mathias Falkenberg.

David Enoch Sosman with: Musical bartender juggling

David Enoch Sosman is the 8th generation of a partly Danish and French circus family. His father was a well-known French clown and comedian and his mother a well-known trapeze artist from the family behind Cirkus Dannebrog. At the age of 12, David began to practice the art of juggling. David has traveled the world with his juggling number and won several international awards. In 2016, David was in connection with a show in Rome, and was invited to the Vatican to perform for the Pope.

Now David wants to perform a new and original act – a musical bartender juggling number where he juggles and balances with bottles and glasses. During the piece, David uses classic circus elements and ties it together into a modern act.

Copenhagen International Arts Collective with: Midsummer Solos:
Misty Heather / Cherry Blossoms / Wilting Flowers

Midsummer Solos is a multidisciplinary project, where the ephemerality of choreography inspire a selection of physical artworks created by the participating dancers. The bodily and the material in conversation with each other, rooted in Nordic folk and neoclassical steps.

In this sharing, audiences will get a taster of the project, when Copenhagen International Arts Collective test the three short solos in front of an audience for the first time. Each solo is inspired by imagery taken from landscapes and allows the soft and feminine to take up space as a contrast to the toughness of the world.  

Copenhagen International Arts Collective gathers international and local artists in a producing community in Copenhagen.

Work by Rachel Kealy

Feelings are, by definition, hard to put into words. Anxiety lives among us, but can we tell who is panicking? Are we panicking? Shifting between fear and reaching out towards the light, Rachael takes you on a journey in an attempt to capture the kind of panic we can sometimes feel, but rarely see. 

Rachael is an Irish aerial artist training with The Circus Playground at Dynamo, she is a hula hooper and marine biologist living living in Denmark. She spends many hours researching the complexity of everyone’s favourite animal, the sponge. She is sensitive to changes in people around her and wishes we would express our panic more often, instead of in silence.

OPEN STAGE is presented in collaboration with The Circus Playground.

Free admission – book your ticket in advance.


OPEN STAGE is an informal free space where performing artists can try out their ideas for the audience.

The performers are physical artists who work with circus, dance, theater, puppet theater, or cross several art forms. Come and see what’s moving!

OPEN STAGE is presented in collaboration with The Circus Playground.

From 10 years and up.
Free entrance – book your ticket in advance.

Concert med Ghost Coast Choir (DK)

“It is ovewhealming, successful. And from the start, magnetic, almost cinematic. Deeply fascinating and incredibly beautiful ”- GAFFA

The Ghost Coast Choir mixes the ethereal with the down-to-earth to create a new expression with choral music, which they call post-classical indie choir.

The two composers, Gustav Rasmussen and Thorben Seierø, are centers stage with effect pedals, tape recorders, microphones and musical instruments, and around in the concert room the singers are placed to surround the audience in the sound of the voices. Video projections driven by melancholy sadness create an evocative visual experience where themes such as grief, death, loneliness and decay are poetically intertwined with themes such as beginning, life and joy.

DURATION Approx. 60 min – the doors open at 19
TICKET Kr. 50 – DKK 0 with Momentum Musik-årskort or DYNAMO-card

Presented in collaboration with Momentum Musik


A night of electronic music and art as part of LOCATION X 10 year anniversary festival

The ODEOLOGY team have been creating visually intense electronic music events since 2018. This time it is DYNAMO which will be transformed. ODEOLOGY er et safe space for oplevelse og udtryk, og denne aften byder på et line up med elektronisk musik og performance fra Finland, Danmark og Bulgarien:

Lyra Valenza
Vixen (Fast Forward Productions)
Distortion Trio

Experience transformative electronic music, acid techno and dance with Birgitte Skands, Bjørk-Mynte Buchgraitz Paulsen and Taneli Törmä.

AGE 18 +
DURATION 5 hours (arrive when you want)
TICKET Adult kr. 120 / Young, stud kr. 100

CANCELLED: Concert with Horse Lords

Horse Lords delivers a simultaneously tumultuous and neat embrace with the history of music in the name of rock, jazz and compositional music. A universe that draws on all sorts of cultural traditions across boundaries, genre-wise as well as national.

The concert performs after Cul De Sac and is presented in collaboration with Momentum Musik

DURATION 60 min.
PRICE kr. 50 (free admission with årskort til Momentum Musik)


Unique insight into the world of juggling – cancelled due to Covid-restrictions (updated dec. 18th 2021)

DYNAMO will host the Danish Juggling Convention in 2022 – an annual event where professional jugglers and novices meet around their common passion for manipulating objects in every conceivable constellation.

The program is packed with workshops, Open Stage, games, renegade, fire-night and open training – and thus a gala where members of the audience are invited into the world of the juggler.

Join us, when professional artists from all over the world will showcase formidable circus acts.

PARTICIPANTS Follow the Facebook-event for updates
DURATION 90 min.
AGE For all
TICKET 100 kr. – 0 kr. with DYNAMO-card*

*Buy your DYNAMO-card to see tons of performances and save tons of money! 350 kr. for the entire season 21/22 (conditions apply)


Electronic music meets circus

ODEOLOGY is a safe space for musical experiences and visual expression. An evening of electronic music, acid techno and dance, where inclusion is paramount and personal expression appreciated. In 2023, the team behind ODEOLOGY is collaborating with DYNAMO on a series of events under the overall title ‘IMMERSION’.

Sat 7 October – at Slagteriet
Sat 16 December – at DYNAMO

AGE From 18 years
DURATION All evening
PRICE From DKK 100