Bugge Bang & Co.

Work in Progress – Object Manipulation

Note: This is a Work in Progress showing, which means that this is not a finished performance. By contrast, this presentation is a display of ideas and material that may form the basis for a finished performance.

Rhythm performers Villads, Ilmo, Livya & electronic composer Lasse Munk will work together throughout October on the basis of the theme “Action – Reaction”.

As dancers, they will use juggling patterns to see how they can juggle with their own bodies & space. As rhythm people, they will play with the rhythm & timing of juggling.

Focusing on timing, time and space. They will explore how to manipulate objects without being in direct contact with them, through the power of their bodies with breath, tramp & clap – from step, body percussion, beatbox as well as electrical appliances.

Free admission.

Supported by

Danish arts council