WORK IN PROGRESS-showing: KompaniTO

The residing company KompaniTO presents the work-in-progress showing of ‘Frit Frem’.

This showing is a Work In Progress (WIP) showing, which means that it is not yet completed, but that we wish to present it to an audience. It could be because the artists are uncertain which direction they need to go, or if a certain effect has the desired outcome. With WIP, we invite the audience in to the circusmachine.

The Norwegian circus-company KompaniTO was established in 2014, and consists of the two aerial-artists Tamar Ohana and Mari Dahl Stoknes. In this production the two artists are joined by the acrobat Mikael Kristiansen. With ‘Frit Frem’, the three artists works with free acrobatic expression, within the scope of common childrens-games. For an example what happens when the ground is toxic to anyone but Tamar?

It is free of charge to take part in the showing, and the companies stay at DYNAMO is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and The Municipality of Odense.

Supported by

Odense Municipality Danish arts council