Mattias Umaerus (SE/US/UK)

CANCELLED: The Third Law

Physics turned upside down

Have you ever tried flicking a switch and the lights comes on? 

Of course, you have. It’s a commodity we see as natural in today’s society. But what if it wasn’t?

Newton’s third law of motion states: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…” 

What if that meant that, when you turn the light on, the light goes out somewhere else? When you travel up with an elevator, someone else has to travel down? And when you fall, someone else starts flying…?

With acrobatics, live music, ingenuity and a spark of madness, four circus artists climb, balance, and tumble through a contemporary circus performance inspired by games theory, physics and energy consumption as they explore the consequences of human behavior. 

DURATION 50 min.
AGE 15+

Adult pre-sale: 120 kr.
Adult at the door: 200 kr.
Retired, poor, students and youth u/25: 80 kr.
Children u/15: 40 kr

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Supported by

Odense Municipality Danish arts council