Revue Regret (DE/SE)

CANCELLED: The Indifference Point

DYNAMO presents

Due to Covid-19 restrictions this work-in-progress showing has been closed for the public. We can’t wait to see you again soon! Stay safe.

A work in progress-showing of the way we live our life. A contemporary circus performance about regret and the non-linearity of life. A hopeful ’maybe’ and a timid ‘what if.

Revue Regret is an upcoming company in residency at DYNAMO. Using tattooing acrobatics in a rope and a cyr wheel, as well as a taxidermy fox and sword swallower to create a cathartic experience for the audience.

Time stands as still as the taxidermy fox, forgotten memories flare up in strobe light and swords become as heavy as guilt.


Revue Regret is a fierce combo formed of Jakob Jacobsson and Lisa Chudalla. They combine poetry and storytelling with cabaret, circus and performance art and serve you a spicy portion of die-hard circus full of bad decisions and bad jokes.

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Photo: Jara Reker & Tina Peissker

Supported by

Odense Municipality Danish arts council