Michael Zandl | David Eisele | Kolja Huneck

CANCELLED! Sawdust Symphony

Sawdust Symphony is cancelled this time around, due to illness. We are working to find a fitting solution to re-book the show, and hopefully we’ll be able to present the performance in 2024. 

Circular saws, hammers and sawdust fly through the air

Why is hammering nails in wood so satisfying, and how does the hammer feel?

Sawdust Symphony is about the urge to create: the process from vision to construction, the smell of wood, the joy of work and the relationship between man and tool. With object manipulation and Magie Nouvelle, a unique and absurd story is told about the universe of handiwork.

The performance is presented in collaboration with Theater Momentum.

AGE From 8 years old
Adult kr. 200 / Youth u. 25 yo / stud. kr. 110 / DYNAMO-card kr. 0

Supported by

Danish arts council Odense Municipality