Karolina Tamara Wojtowicz & Liv Vester Larsen (DK)

Rest in

A brand new work in progress

Rest In is an exploration of human existence in a crisis and the transformation and initiation it causes.

Rest in takes us to a place where we must let go of what we cannot control, where the old must die, and where we are forced to accept the new. It is the unknown space where the new can be born.

Join dancer Karolina Tamara Wojtowicz and sound artist Liv Vester Larsen, when they explore the sound and movement of the space between pain and acceptance.

How do body and mind move? What physical shape do they have, and what soundscape do they shape?

Using electric cables, belts, butoh dancing and ongoing repetitions of rituals with experimental and monotonous sounds, a performance artist and a musician take the audience on a slow paced journey from suffering to transformational initiation.

AGE From 12 years and up
ENTRANCE Free admission

19.00-19.35: Rest in af Karolina Tamara Wojtowicz & Liv Vester Larsen
19.35-20.05: Phobetor af Adalberto Fernandez Torres & Elise Reine
20.15-20.45: Artist talk with all artists