Ø Fest – Island party!

Come to Ø FEST!!! Join us in a celebrating of the harbour, culture and the community together with the neighbours, artists, entrepreneurs, associations, institutions and companies that create life and bring people closer together on Byens Ø in Odense Harbour. 

Ø Fest takes place on Byens Ø, along the beautiful harbor quays that still exude raw industry as well as on the water. The program will feature open workshops, live music and concerts, walking performance at Odense Harbour, skating, parkour, sailing talks, food, the opening of DYNAMO’s new  outdoor stage and much, much more. Come and see the French circus performance IMPACT D’UNE COURSE BYENS Ø by the company la horde dans le pavés, which combines circus and parkour in the most delicious way and is a tribute to the meeting between people in the city (ticket required). 

DYNAMO is the driving force behind the Ø FEST.


See you at Byens Ø on 7th & 8th of June 2024. 

Friday, June 7th, 15.00-23.00 

Saturday 8 June 2024 at 11.00-23.00.

The detailed programme will be available on the website in May!


The events are free to attend, except the performance for which you need a ticket. (prizes in ticket link)

Thanks to the Nordea Foundation and the Her Gror Vi grant.

Supported by

Odense Municipality Danish arts council