Circus from the Nordic Sea

The wooden sailboat Johanne has sailed thousands of natutical miles from the North Sea through insidious Skagerrak, to the open Baltic Sea. Her hull has experienced madness and scurvy, and under the cover of the night, her crew has conspired, been drinking and taught themselves new tricks!

In strong gale the sea fog’s heroes stand weathered, raw and ready with a wild and imposed circus-show! A mad and ingenious balancing act about life aboard, and the world on land.

With neck-breaking acrobatics from the mast, handstand in the wind, and precision second to none in everything that takes place, the crew of artists and musicians demonstrates what happens when the line of command disappears, and creative anarchy breaks free!

“Circus from the Nordic Sea” is an impressive and seductive circus-show with a duration of approx. 60 min. and includes livemusic by Swedish electronica-artist Jenny Nilsson and is recommended for all ages. “Circus from the Nordic Sea” is the 2nd in line of DYNAMO’s co-produced circus performances!

Supported by

Danish arts council