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Lei-LÀ is a performance that explores walking as a symbol of human resistance.

Through simple and everyday actions, a human being and 20 meters of fabric tell us the adventure of a woman who dreams of freely exploring a world without borders. The artist on stage uses the circus technique of aerial silks to tell the story of a journey, with poetic images, movement and physical metaphors. Fantasy and reality blend in the utopian world of Lei-LÀ. In this world, the circus technique constitutes a ceremony, in which fabrics and the body are transformed, magnified and unified.

This is a work in progress, during the Nordic Circus residency, which aims to support and explore circus in the Nordic Region.

AGE From 8 years old
DURATION Ca. 70 min. incl. artist talk
50 kr. – DYNAMO-kort 0 kr.

The doors open one hour before the performance.

Supported by

Nordic Culture Point - Funding for Artist Residencies Odense Municipality Danish arts council