Concert med Ghost Coast Choir (DK)

“It is ovewhealming, successful. And from the start, magnetic, almost cinematic. Deeply fascinating and incredibly beautiful ”- GAFFA

The Ghost Coast Choir mixes the ethereal with the down-to-earth to create a new expression with choral music, which they call post-classical indie choir.

The two composers, Gustav Rasmussen and Thorben Seierø, are centers stage with effect pedals, tape recorders, microphones and musical instruments, and around in the concert room the singers are placed to surround the audience in the sound of the voices. Video projections driven by melancholy sadness create an evocative visual experience where themes such as grief, death, loneliness and decay are poetically intertwined with themes such as beginning, life and joy.

DURATION Approx. 60 min – the doors open at 19
TICKET Kr. 50 – DKK 0 with Momentum Musik-årskort or DYNAMO-card

Presented in collaboration with Momentum Musik