pEtites perceptiOns (FR)

Ici et là

A tribute to our five senses

This is a story without a story. A poem. Images, sounds and objects create a dreamlike space.About a ho use that goes through the four seasons with the help of its resident. Inuit goddess, druid, antique caryatid or forest fairy – this unusual woman paints history in three dimensions in vivid colors. Words are not necessary.

This poem in motion is a tribute to time and our five senses for all ages.

AGE from 3 years old
DYNAMO-card 0 kr.
Adult door sale 200 kr. / presale 120 kr.
Stud. + youth 80 kr.
Pensioner 80 kr.
Low income 80 kr.
Climate ticket 40 kr
Child 40 kr.

Supported by

Danish arts council Odense Municipality