Rosa Autio (FI)

Happy Together

Togetherness for two and foot juggling

Come and experience the unconventional relationship between a juggler and her juggling object.

Together they have travelled the world and are now coming to Odense with their brand new duo show HAPPY TOGETHER. But working with someone who doesn’t have a heartbeat isn’t always fun. No mouth means no opinions, but how do you make eye contact with someone who has no eyes? Who is ultimately in control and who is the object?

AGE From 10 years
DYNAMO card DKK 0.
Adult dies DKK 200 / advance sale DKK 120.
Stud. + young DKK 80
Pensioner DKK 80.
Poor DKK 80.
Air conditioning DKK 40
Children DKK 40

Supported by

Danish arts council Odense Municipality