Vélocimanes Associés (BE/F)

Der Lauf

Absurd fabulation on the way things go

A juggler with a bucket over his head throws himself blindly into a series of existential experiments, that lead him along unknown paths. With darkness cast over his sight, the audience must help him on his way.

Inspired by the French TV program, Intervilles, where participants compete in a range of physical challenges, alongside a David Lynch-esque aesthetic, Der Lauf is a study of the many coincidences of life.

Together we must help our juggler on his way in his search of meaningfulness.

The performance is presented in collaboration with C!CAF and Teater Momentum

DURATION Approx. 60 min.
AGE 8+

Adult pre-sale: 120 kr.
Adult at the door: 200 kr.
Retired, poor, students and youth u/25: 80 kr.
Children u/15: 40 kr

*Buy your DYNAMO-card to see tons of performances and save tons of money! 350 kr. for the entire season 21/22 (conditions apply)

Der Lauf from Guy Waerenburgh on Vimeo.

Supported by

Odense Municipality Danish arts council