A living time capsule

In a space of 20 m2, the world’s entire history takes place over a span of 8 billion years through expressive movement, magical illusions and puppet theater.

From cavemen in loincloths to the DJs in tracksuits – a visual journey through time that questions our meaning, or rather: Our insignificance, seen in a larger perspective of the concept of time.

DÉJÀ is inspired by Richard McGuire’s award-winning graphic novel Here. It serves poetic and a humorous expression that composes images from different eras.

A slide show of what was, what is and what may come.

The performance is presentet in collaboration with Teater Momentum, and is shown at Ny Vestergade 18, Odense C

The performance is postponed due to the lockdown.

Ticket price on performance night at the venue: kr. 200 – buy your ticket in pre-sale. It is much cheaper!


The Krumple seeks to create visually arresting theatre without borders, characterized by a strong element of surprise. The human is at the forefront of everything they do, each show walking a fine line between sensitivity and stupidity, as they strive to look through both ends of the telescope for what usually cannot be seen.

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A co-production with FIGURTEATRET I NORDLAND

Photo: Antero Hein

Supported by

Danish arts council Odense Municipality