Dynamo Workspace i samarbejde med Circus Fiesta Fiasko

Circus Task Force in Otterup

A CIRCUS kamikaze, COVID 19, HIT N RUN performance

A Ford Fiesta with a stage on the roof plows into the lawn by the village street pond. In a cloud of colored smoke, 4 strange characters get out of the car, in a few minutes they knock pegs into the ground, and raise a structure for wire walking, accompanied by a DJ and a manic conference. The smoke eases and the show is on …

The show is playing at the town square in Otterup
Duration: 30 min. Bring a blanket, a chair, a sofa, or a throne to sit on. After the performance, we make circus workshops for everyone. The performance and the workshop are free.

Find Circus Task Force on tour around the Danish summer landscape. The list of cities we visit will be continuously updated.

Supported by

Danish arts council