GLiMT og Sputnik & Wild Wonders (DK/SE)

SOLD OUT! CameliOrquestra

Circus concert for the whole family

CameliOrquestra is a show where anything can happen, where the musicians literally fly around while playing. In a mix of concert and a contemporary circus narrative, the whole family is invited to an interdisciplinary experience.

The musical fusion of Nordic folk-punk-gypsy-funk gets the blood pumping, while acrobatics create humorous, impressive and nerve-wracking moments.

There will be an artist talk after the performance.

A performance under artistic development. We are waiting to se if it is possible to do the performance due to the lockdown.

Ticket price on performance night at the venue: kr. 200 – buy your ticket in pre-sale. It is much cheaper!

OBS: The show is sold out!


GLiMT combines circus, dance and physical theater into new, challenging forms that can express the issues that are most pressing in our time and society.

Sputnik & Wild Wonders is a contemporary circus company, creating sight-specific cabarets, cross-over art collaborations and perform slack rope, acrobatic and cyr wheel.

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Supported by

Danish arts council Odense Municipality