M.P.A.C. Mighty Performing Arts Collective (SE)


Breasts, beloved blend of fat, connective tissue and glands! As clowns, in the tension between cringe and virtuosity, M.P.A.C. explores breasts. What does breasts say about the human condition? Who can show what, where, how?

​M.P.A.C. plays with perceptions of breasts to surprise, remove shame, arouse laughter and broaden the view on breasts both in the public and the personal intimate. Through clown, dance and circus M.P.A.C. builds a space of humor and vulnerability, rapture and resistance, tricks and reflection.

​Who can show the nipples on the beach? On social media? Elevated on stage in the spotlight? Breasts are too big, too small, too saggy, too sexy, too heavy, too flat, too muscular. Are you breastfeeding here?! Breasts are hidden, missing and mourned. Breasts are a goldmine for four clowns with a punk circus attitude!

Presented in collaboration with Feral Festival

AGE 15 +
TICKET Ticket sale at the venue kr. 200 – Presale kr. 120, young/stud/senior kr. 80, child kr. 40, DYNAMO card kr. 0. Buy you ticket in advance, it is much cheaper

DYNAMO After Dark

DYNAMO AFTER DARK is a series of special events where we, in collaboration with Fyens Stiftstidende, invite you to talk, immerse yourself and reflect. This is based on performances that play at DYNAMO.

Breasts – in public and on stage

This is an After Dark event following the show Breast in Peace on October 15th.

Where do breasts belong, what should they look like and who really decides over them? We put an activist and lawyer in a meeting with the artists for a talk about the female body on and off stage. Because they are not to be missed. Neither when looking in the mirror nor opening the newspaper. Breasts – or the female body – adorn well over half of all mirror images in the world. Why do we talk so much about breasts?


The conversation is moderated by Lene Kryger, theater editor and cultural journalist at Fyens Stiftstidende and Fyns Amts Avis, as well as a member of the Reumert jury.

Kajsa Englund and Karin Svensson are artists and are, among others, behind the performance collective Mighty Performing Arts Collective, which creates original performing arts in collective processes based on a norm-critical and feminist approach.

Liv Navntoft Henningsen has a Master’s degree in law. from the University of Copenhagen and has in connection with her education dealt extensively with minority protection and women’s rights. In addition, she has written a thesis on human rights perspectives on breastfeeding in the public space.

Asja Karkov is a student and has been doing feminist activism for the last many years. She has largely used Instagram as a platform to show the female body in a desexualized and unedited way. Asja has also helped start the feminist festival Femi Festival and made boob t-shirt workshops.


FREE SPECIAL EVENT in continuation of the performance BREAST IN PEACE on 15 October. Requires ticket for performance, which is shown 20:00.
Duration approx. 1 hour.

More about the event here.