Börne Wunderland

DYNAMO presents the playground, the theme park, the “funhouse”; Börne Wunderland or as we say in English: Children Wonderland.

Come and participate actively, anti-consumerist and untamed when DYNAMO opens its doors to a German land of fun and tricks for children and those child-like souls, with circus workshops, creative workshops and talented circus artists.

We we build and construct, have fun, smash and throw ourselves – into as well as great and small endeavors. In the company of creative forces from near and far, we upgrade from garbage to gold and when the DJ turns records we have to dance.

We start off with a circus show that gives even the most boring grandfather an impulse to get up on the trapeze. The most accomplished artists teach tricks in DYNAMO’s Circus Workshop, while you can have stories read out loud in the History Cave and cut-paste your way through your little brother’s wishlist in the booth Build It Away.

Being a child at Börne Wunderland is free, but it costs a bit to be an adult.

Supported by

Odense Municipality