Niels Bohr’s life and thoughts

The world contains much more than what we can see and feel. This was what Danish physicist Niels Bohr set out to investigate, and through his work he put forward theories that revolutionized modern science.

Year 2022 marks the 100 year anniversary for when Niels Bohr received his Nobel Prize, and this calls for a celebration of Bohr’s life and thoughts.

In a contemporary circus universe that challenges the laws of physics, BOHR the performance – like Bohr himself – brings wonder to the way we see the world, as a wild story unfolds.

Presented in collaboration with Teater Momentum, where the performance takes place

LOCATION Teater Momentum, Ny Vestergade 18
AGE From 15 years
DURATION 65 min.

Membership: 0 kr.
Ticket: 200 kr.
Group ticket, adult: 140 kr. (min. 6 pers.)
Youth ticket u/25: 110 kr. 
Group ticket, youth: 80 kr. (min. 6 pers.)