Kristján Ingimarsson Company (DK)

CANCELLED: Astronaut

Performance-lecture with Kristján Ingimarsson

A common thread has never really been my cup of tea. It’s something I use occasionally to glue my thoughts together so people can keep up. It is the ideas that count. I make performances that appeal to the heart, stomach and abdomen.”

ASTRONAUT is an entertaining, physical-theater performance-lecture about the pursuit of the original idea and giving creativity free rein. A solo performance where Kristján Ingimarsson reviews scenes from the wildest, most important, worst and funniest performances of his career. The creative process is outlined and analyzed and further developed. Scenes from previous performances take place LIVE in front of the audience with accompanying anecdotes and stories.

At the same time as being a rear-view journey through Kristján’s wild physical performances, it is a forward-looking glance at the role of creativity in our lives.

Presented in collaboration with Teater Momentum. Performance is shown at Momentum, Ny Vestergade 18, Odense C

AGE 13 years and up
DURATION 70 min.

Membership: 0 kr.
Ticket: 200 kr.
Group ticket, adult: 140 kr. (min. 6 pers.)
Youth ticket u/25: 110 kr. 
Group ticket, youth: 80 kr. (min. 6 pers.)