Collage af Gry Lambertsen

Arcade Ultra Light

Dynamo’s very own parallel world for adults – an outdoor ultra-light version of the winter varieté show Arcade Delight.
Dress up in your best roller-disco outfit and roll out in our derailed rollerskate party on the thunder-dome track.
Visit the 80s roller disco decadence and enjoy the breathtaking circus variety.
The DJ plays – you make the wishes.
Shoot to win shitty prizes in the air rifle shooting booth.
The roll-in camping bar serves beers and drinks.
Mie’s magical make-up is ready to give your look some extra spark!
If you don’t have roller skates yourself, you can rent it for cheap in our roller skate delivery center.
Naturally, the whole thing is Corona safe.
The whole shabang takes place at Byens Ø by the big blue crane.
The price is up to you, donate what you can afford.

Supported by

Odense Municipality