Arcade Delight

What do you do as a nostalgic when, do to 20 years of unstoppable technological advancement, the arcade machines have had to see themselves banished to the darkness? – When kitsch is no longer cool and we have gradually forgotten how to move on roller skates?

One option is undeniably and insistently to force breath life back into it accompanied by the tunes of Talkin Heads and Bowie and force feed the mischievous types with roller disco, shoulder pads and masterful circus acts.

Through a neon-lit retro arcade hall, you enter the pastel-colored parallel universe, to the sounds of the Donkey Kong and Pac Man themes. Stage smoke, light fixtures and DJs frame the roller skate disco dome, while a street of dilapidated sheds houses bars, roller skate dispatch center, air rifle shooting tent, a “redundancy horn” of a dressing room, face painting for adults, photo booth and street food trucks of straight out curiosities.

And then of course the circus!

If you can come dressed up according to the 80’s theme?!


Arcade Delight is an all-night event in a complete universe where you as the audience can move freely. There are very few rules for you in your role as an audience: Have a party and participate!

Arcade Delight is an immersive concept developed by DYNAMO, which means that you as an audience / participant, in addition to being included as a scenographic element, will also be able to interact with the acts and artists you are surrounded by.

You may want to dress up for Arcade Delight – feel free! Just like you might have pair of roller skates that you think the whole world should see – Bring ‘em – Helle, roll your way down here!

Any excess tickets are sold at the door.

Supported by

Odense Municipality Danish arts council