DYNAMO says: disgustingly arrogant, yet amazingly charming French minimalism!

Right there! – where choreographed circus, trivial everyday soundscapes and wordless theater meet, right there 3D has found a place in the sun for itself and his artists.

3D is a circus performance produced for the open space – for the open circus space where the acrobat can move freely. The explanation being that 3D is the exploration of the possibilities in the object. A project that requires unimpared movement!

The object: A wooden board, suspended by a metal wire to form a semicircle that matches the acrobat’s physics 1: 1. An object that, as you will see, contains endless possibilities. 3D is the result of the artist’s countless hours in the training room along with an object devised, shaped and now mastered by him.

When you see 3D you are really just in the moment – at least it was our experience when we first saw the show. Because there is so much to explore. So much that catches your attention as the show unfolds.

Inspired by traditional street theater, the performance is constantly moving and at least as interesting to watch as it is to listen to. Only the most essential breaks have made the cut, for the tempo must remain high. 3D tilts on the border of the impossible.

Entertainment and action that invokes our attention when we have otherwise just assumed the role of quiet passerby. It’s so hard not to pay attention when it’s always so close to the breaking point, and that’s how it should be with street theater.

But these boys are not just acting “for the hat”. Cie HMG is formidabl√© in French! – and for that reason you should watch the show!

About the company:
H.M .G. are the initials of a person who founded, along with a handful of other members, the famous circus school in Toulouse called le Lido in the 1980s.
The company’s work totally fits in with the contemporary circus polymorphism in the same spirit as le Lido does.

Supported by

Odense Municipality Danish arts council