Antero / Oddmann Productions

1 ½

The puppet man Antero starts from scratch in an empty space. There he can be exactly the way he is and there won’t be any fuzz. But he needs someone to dance with! Perhaps it can be a couple of juggling balls? Perhaps a girlfriend or something?

Frida Odden Brinkmann is a juggler and circus artist, with 1 ½ she combines puppetry and circus in a curious solo performance.

Antero is middle-aged, short of size and full of temperament. Antero moves into an empty space. It’s nice to get a new chance, start all over, all by himself, or? Who’s that voice?
Who’s that strange woman showing up and not letting him be in peace?

Antero loves fringes and the sun-like light from the lamp. In the drawer he finds all kinds of different stuff. He’s got points and stripes to hold on to, and he can be almost anything, for example a juggling cowboy.
But he needs a dance partner. In the newspaper he finds girlfriends of all different styles, only one of his kind. But when she shows up at his front door, he panics… Her name is Andrea and loves everything in his flat. She’s a better juggler then him, but she doesn’t know how to balance as well as Antero. Together they play the accordion, sing and juggle. By accepting the way he is, he can finally find happiness and love.

The show is recommended for children of 6 years and above, as the puppet may seem scary for young children.

Supported by

Odense Municipality Danish arts council